Briefly: Still Without A Budget, Broadview To Consider Approving One Tonight, May 16, 7 PM

Broadview village hall.pngMonday, May 16, 2016 || By Michael Romain  || UPDATE: 3:42 p.m.

The Broadview Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on a proposed budget tonight, 7 p.m., at the village’s municipal building, 2350 S. 25th Ave., Broadview.

The hearing comes a week after the four-trustee board majority — including Trustees Judy Brown-Marino, Tara Brewer, John Ealey and Diane Little — scheduled a special meeting to consider an ordinance that would change the year-end date of the 2016 fiscal year, since the board didn’t pass a FY 2017 budget by the statutory deadline of April 30.

That ordinance was tabled at the direction of the village’s attorney, who noted that his office hadn’t had sufficient time to review the proposed ordinance.

Broadview Mayor Sherman Jones noted that the village has gone beyond the statutory deadline in the past. Jones said it isn’t unusual for municipalities to go beyond their budget deadlines; they’re only penalized if they haven’t passed a budget before taxes are levied.

But the proposed budget, the mayor said, is relatively foreign to him, since it comes after the board had already agreed upon a FY 2017 budget, he noted. He said, before last week’s special meeting, he wasn’t informed about the board majority’s new budget.

“We already had three meetings about the budget before this [most recently proposed] one,” Jones said in an interview last week. The two-term mayor said he sent out robocalls to inform residents about the special meeting, an action that Trustee Little said was inappropriate and politically motivated.

According to many residents and village officials, Broadview’s day-to-day operations have been caught in the friction between the four trustees, who won election in 2013 on the Better Broadview Party ticket, and Mayor Jones.

The mayor and some village employees castigated the board majority for sabotaging basic services like website maintenance, emergency sewer repairs and snow removal for personal reasons, while the four trustees have noted that their decisions are based on reforming the status quo. VFP

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