Maywood Board Likely To Close Down ‘New’ Captain Fresh Farm | Video Gambling Bistro Stuck In Limbo

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The site of the ‘old’ Captain Fresh Market, which was shut down by the village earlier this year. Allegations have arisen that the new business that leases the same building, Maywood Express Market, is employing Captain Fresh workers or relatives of the former store’s owners — which is prohibited according to the conditions the new store agreed upon with the village. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016 || By Michael Romain 

Captain Fresh Farm, 1001 S. 9th Ave., may have been resuscitated from the dead after the Maywood Board of Trustees voted unanimously in January to direct staff to revoke the business’s license.

After the owners’ appeal of the revocation was dismissed in Cook County Circuit Court, they may have found a loophole. The village allowed a new licensee to operate the convenience store in the same building on the condition that “none of the former licensee’s corporate members, family members of corporate members, agents or employees would work at the new store,” according to a May 19 village memo.

The ‘new’ store, called Maywood Express Market, is allegedly employing family members of the previous licensee, Captain Fresh, according to the village memo.

At the May 25 LLOC, trustees unanimously directed village staff to launch a thorough investigation into the allegations. Maywood Express Market would be required to provide the names and identifying information, including place of residence and birthdates, of each of its employees.

If the village verifies that former Captain Fresh employees, or the family members of that establishment’s owners, are working at Maywood Express Market, the village will issue an order to revoke Express Market’s business license.

“I think most of us know what the deal is there and I don’t want to drag our feet like we did before with whatever we’re going to do with the establishment,” said Trustee Ron Rivers during a May 25 Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting.

“I’m tired of looking like a fool,” Rivers said.

Gambling Bistro, Looking To Move To Roosevelt, Locked In Lease Dispute

video gamblingThe Maywood Board of Trustees may have voted in March to approve a Class M liquor license for Lacey’s Place, a proposed video gambling bistro seeking to locate at 611 W. Roosevelt Rd., but the establishment’s opening is far from guaranteed.

According to village officials, the proposed store is locked in a lease dispute with Rossi Real Estate Corporation, the company that manages the Maybrook Plaza Shopping Center, where Lacey’s Place would be located.

According to a memo drafted by Carlo M. Rossi, Jr., Rossi’s vice president, the management company signed a lease with Lacey’s Place last year, but that lease was terminated on Feb. 18, 2016 — roughly a month before they were approved for the liquor license.

Lacey’s is also still in the process of acquiring a business license, which is subject to various code inspections.

“If they don’t have a lease in place, they won’t be able to operate a video gaming café,” said village attorney Michael Jurusik at May 25 board meeting. VFP

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  1. Why don’t village lv those people alone and cocentrate on closing down the drug houses. The village need the tax revenue and they are closing businesses for petty stuff. Ridiculous

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