Teen Dies in Melrose Park Shooting Cops Say was Gang-related

Dawson StephanFriday, June 10, 2016 || Michael Romain

Dawson Stephan, the Melrose Park 16-year-old who was shot last Friday evening while sitting on his porch in that village, has died, Cook County medical examiner’s officials say.

The boy was pronounced dead at 11:47 p.m. at Loyola University Medical Center, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

Stephan had been on the porch with two of his male friends when a white minivan pulled up and someone inside of it began firing nearly a dozen bullets, according to Stephan’s older brother Andrew, who said he rushed outside of the house after he heard the shooting. Dawson was shot once in the head.

According to Melrose Park Police Chief Sam Pitassi, the shooting was “absolutely” gang-related. Pitassi said everybody “involved is a gang banger.”

Dawson’s mother, Michelle Stephan, told the Tribune at the time of the shooting that her family had suffered from gang violence in the area near their Melrose Park home for some time and that gangs had “been trying to come after my boys for quite some time.”

“He wanted to be a Marine,” said Stephan. “He had his whole life in front of him.”

Dawson, who had taken classes at Proviso West, was an organ donor, his family said. Services are pending. Melrose Park police said no arrests have been made, but that an investigation is ongoing. VFP

3 thoughts on “Teen Dies in Melrose Park Shooting Cops Say was Gang-related

  1. Melrose Park PD is corrupt. The children of this family has never been arrested nor ever charged with any type of gang activity or involvement. I like how people give opinions and can’t state the facts. This is called slander and charges should be brought against the police department. This house was known as a safe haven house, where you knew your kid was safe and playing with there children. One can control there own children and know where they were. They’re not responsible for other people’s children. Take a hard look at you accusation Patassi and state the facts.There is proof of this to.

      1. No they haven’t. But what I can tell you is the gangs ask you what you are?? The response they get are nutrons. Meaning neutral, no gangs. So then they figure you are either with us or against us. So please do your homework before you speak. Look up the reports. This house has called and filed complaints. The cops tell them they’re not helping, really…. Giving make, model, plate numbers, description of these people and never once did the police do anything. The only thing these kids did was go to school with these low life’s. When they went to the streets, these children played sports and hung out at home. So figure it out genius who’s the person that deserves any of this. Just so you understand ALL LIVES MATTER……. No one deserves this and trust me there judgement day will come. It will come for everyone. I wish you luck that your mouth is forgiven for your ignorance.

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