Yarbrough Reportedly Announces He’ll Run for Mayor as Others Step into the Field

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Henderson Yarbrough at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Fred Hampton Aquatic Center in 2011, when he was still mayor. | Dan Luedert/Sun-Times Media

Monday, June 20, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || @village_free || Updated: 6:05 p.m.

According to multiple reports, former Maywood mayor and sitting trustee Henderson Yarbrough is likely to run for mayor next year in the April 4, 2017 consolidated election. Yarbrough reportedly announced his intentions to run during a birthday and retirement party held in Maywood on Saturday, according to people who were in attendance. Yarbrough couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

Yarbrough, 74, was first elected mayor in 2005, winning 32 percent of the vote in a five-person race that included incumbent mayor Ralph Conner. Yarbrough’s slate, the Maywood United Party, also won the clerkship and two board seats. Yarbrough successfully ran for reelection to a second term in 2009, but would lose a contest to sitting mayor Edwenna Perkins in his campaign for a third term in 2013 by less than 150 votes.

In 2015, Yarbrough won an open trustee seat, a position he currently occupies, with around 13 percent of the vote in an 11-person race for three board seats, garnering nearly 900 votes—the second-highest tally behind sitting trustee Isiah Brandon, who garnered close to 1,000 votes.

Yarbrough’s Maywood United Party slate, which included candidates Ron Rivers and former Maywood clerk and District 209 school board member Readith Esther. Rivers won reelection to his trustee seat with nearly 13 percent of the vote while Esther garnered just over 12 percent of the vote in a losing bid.

Until recently, Yarbrough, who is married to current Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough, worked as an assistant deputy clerk with Cook County.

If he does decide to run, Yarbrough would be one candidate in what’s likely to be a crowded mayoral field. So far, two other candidates — Mayor Perkins and Dr. Mary “May” Larry, a liquor commissioner — have confirmed their intentions of running and at least five other people have been rumored to run or were considering running.

In a phone interview Monday, Perkins said she’s running for reelection, but hasn’t formally announced her candidacy, yet. She said she’ll make a formal announcement soon.

On Monday, Larry confirmed that she’ll be running on a slate, but noted that she’ll formally announce her run soon and will release the names of her ticket mates in the fall.

Larry ran unsuccessfully in 2015 for an open trustee seat, securing just under four percent of the vote. She was also second-to-last in a 7-person race that year for two open Maywood Park District board seats, garnering just over 10.6 percent of the vote.

“The residents will be very impressed with the slate,” Larry said. “They want to help better Maywood and attract economic development.”

Although the mayoral election isn’t for another year, the clock is ticking on would-be candidates, who have until September and December of this year to circulate, and turn in, petitions for getting on the April 2017 ballot. VFP

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4 thoughts on “Yarbrough Reportedly Announces He’ll Run for Mayor as Others Step into the Field

  1. All I can say is good luck with the candidates that are running as mayor of Maywood, IL. There has to be major changes in economic development to bring jobs to Maywood, and summer job programs for the youth.

  2. So, now Henderson Yarbrough is going to run for mayor again? Amazing. He said himself when he ran for trustee he only ran because the people wanted him back. What people? Do they still live in Maywood? Wanted him back to do what? Seriously. Even when he was elected to the board again, he said several times he was not interested in being mayor again. So now what has him singing a new tune? At this point, anyone running for anything in Maywood should be a person of action (not just talk and empty promises) and a proven track record of bringing positive change to Maywood (seeing the value in jobs and tax revenue from Big Box Stores for the village instead of turning them down so surrounding areas can get them and thrive) and not destroying the village like others have done. Ask yourselves one question–who was Mayor when IDOT originally pitched the plan to seal off Maywood? Ask yourselves this–if a person is willing to seal off the village from economic growth potential are they the best candidate for the job?

  3. In honor of MR. Gene MOORE I suggest the GYMNASIUM AT PROVISO EAST SHOULD BE NAMED after him.

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