‘State of the Art’ Manufacturing Facility to Open in Melrose Park this Month


A visual of a salon pulled from Veeco Salon Furniture and Design’s website. | Veeco

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || @village_free 

Veeco Salon Furniture and Design, a commercial furnishings and interior firm, will move from its Chicago location to what the company is calling a “state of the art facility” in Melrose Park, according to a recent article in the trade publication Woodworking Network. The scheduled move date is June 27, with a grand opening party scheduled for September.

Company owners Leonard and Laurie Cohen told Woodworking that their company is undergoing a reinvention in order to “provide personalized design services and furniture fabrication unlike any other competitor.”

“Increasing profit potential requires attracting new students to a school,” said Leonard Cohen. “The industry can only grow if we can continue to provide the cosmetologists of the future.”

From the article:

“As manufacturing company owners, the Cohen family have been involved in custom salon manufacturing and furniture design for beauty salons, barber shops, spas, and educational facilities for over 87 years. Veeco was founded in 1927 in Chicago by Solomon Cohen, and named C&W, and operating until 1942. Leonard’s father, Harvey Cohen, reopened the company as “Veeco” after World War II. Since that time, Veeco has become an industry leader in salon design and salon equipment manufacturing. The company engineers, designs and fabricates unique salon products and also offers custom design services for salons and beauty schools.

“Scott Weaver, owner of Douglas J Salons & Institutes in East Lansing, Michigan, has worked with [Veeco] on all six of its facilities. ‘The craftsmanship of their work has been outstanding and the willingness to customize our equipment has been great,’ says Weaver.”

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