Triton Cop Saves Life of Man Having Heart Attack

Triton Cop.pngThursday, June 23, 2016 || By Triton College Public Relations || 6/22/16 

River Grove, Ill. – Triton College Police Department Sgt. Mark Amerazian insists he was just doing his job. Quick to deflect praise, he made sure to remind that the actions that have others calling him a hero, were actually just a part of a team effort.

“We work together as a team, teamwork is all of us accomplishing a goal,” Amerazian says of himself and other first responders.

In early April, while on foot patrol in the Triton College cafeteria, he saw a man fall off of his chair, having what appeared to be a seizure. Amerazian quickly rushed to the man’s aid, and found that he was not breathing and had gone into cardiac arrest.

Taking control of the situation, he ordering a nearby public safety officer to bring him an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), a device used to restart the heart of cardiac arrest patients.

Using the AED and performing CPR, Amerazian was able to revive the patient. When the man slipped back into cardiac arrest Amerazian revived him a second time, then a third time.

Paramedics soon arrived, and transported the man to a local hospital.

“When you see something like this occur, it’s the matter of seconds that you have to react,” Amerazian said. “Go back to your training, use your training.”

One June 15, more than two months after their first encounter, the patient returned to Triton College to thank the man who saved him.

“It was amazing, he was there, he was doing good,” Amerazian recalled of the reunion. “He told me if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Flanked by his young son, Mark Jr., and his wife Lena, Amerazian was honored for his heroic actions by the Triton College Board of Trustees during their June monthly board meeting.

“I wish to commend Sgt. Amerazian for not giving up and keeping one of our citizens alive,” said Triton College Deputy Police Chief John Hansen, as he presented him the Life Saving Ribbon & Medal.

“It’s such a great feeling. I’m so proud of him,” Mrs. Amerazian said of her husband. “He works so hard at his job, it’s an amazing thing.”

Amerazian has been a member of the Triton College Police Department since 2009, and a sergeant since 2012. VFP

Photo above (courtesy Triton College):  Sgt. Mark Amerazian poses with his son Mark Jr. and wife Lena after being honored by the Triton College Board of Trustees at their June 21 meeting.

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