LETTERS: Atlantis Shrimp House Owner: ‘My Comments Were Misquoted’

Letter to the Editor

Thursday, June 30, 2016 || By COMMUNITY EDITOR || @maywoodnews ||@village_free 

 This letter references the article, “With Good Food and Low Prices, Maywood Shrimp House Passes ‘First Year’ Test,” which was published on June 12, 2016.

This the quote in question: “I believe black businesses can do business together,” he said. “I’m tired of other nationalities coming into our communities to drain us.”

Let me first apologize to anyone who may have read the article and was offended as that was not my intention.

I spoke with the publishers of the article and relayed my dissatisfaction about how they misquoted a statement that I made. The statement I made was that I was tired of other nationalities that come into predominately black neighborhoods and take our money and put nothing back into our communities but at the same time take our funds and resources out of the community by not living here.

My belief is that there is no business that provides revenue in our communities that we as African-Americans can’t do or open in our own communities.

My comments were not meant to be seen as if other nationalities should not open in these communities, but as a statement that the ownership of businesses in the community should be reflective of the inhabitants of that community. VFP

— Dvonn Smith, owner, Atlantis Shrimp House, Maywood

Publishers’ note: The quote in question has since been removed from that article and it’s accompanying Facebook post. 

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4 thoughts on “LETTERS: Atlantis Shrimp House Owner: ‘My Comments Were Misquoted’

  1. Wow!

    So I won’t comment on the narrow-minded short sightedness of both the original and the hardly imprioved edited restatement.

    And I won’t mention that both statements are outrageously racist because EVERYONE knows that ONLY WHITE people are racist. Sheesh!

    But I will note that I will continue to patronize the J&J’s and Sharks who have been respectable business owners who have served me and this community for years.

  2. Mr. Smith, if you’re worried about people from other communities taking $$ out of Maywood, you should sign the petition to keep Gambling “Bistros” out of Mawood.
    The next meeting is on July 25th @6:30. I’m hoping it’s a full house! Please tell your friends.
    –Alise Bee, Maywood

  3. The Wolls, for over 50 years have always bought all that they could in Maywood even a VW on Roosevelt, Bahcall Hardware, Braun’s Paint Store, the car wash on 4th and Lake, the Maywood Aldi’s and Walgreen’s. We eat all the time at Meal of the Day and hold events at Meal of the Day, and T & JJ’s Jazz series and events at the Sanchez banquet hall(s). We don’t buy gas here because we are Costgo members and saving over 20 cents a gallon. We also rarely eat in Maywood since it is 99% fast and fried food that choose not to eat. Just look, we don’t even have one good sit down soul food restaurant. I do agree with the gist of the statement by the owner of Atlantic Fish and Chips establishment. Gary Woll

  4. To John Y, your inability to grasp the very clear concept that I was not stating that only African-Americans should have businesses in our community and that this is somehow a racial topic instead of an economic topic speaks loud enough so thank you for not sharing,however if you would like to converse or have a meaningful dialogue about the topic I would be more than happy to engage, I’ll even spring for the meal.
    To Praireexpress901, Thank you for the info, if you would send me the address info i would love to attend and find out more to formulate an educated decision.
    To Gary Woll thank you for your comments and I believe they are in the process putting a soul food place on Madison by 14th, also an unknown fact is that seafood holds its nutritional value whether fried,baked,or grilled.

    To all, wanting economic improvements by the people in the communities we spend our money is not a bad thing, CHANGE IS A WONDERFUL THING. Dvonn Smith

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