Former Melrose Park School, Once Owned by Church, to Become Apartments

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The former H. McNelty School of First Baptist Church, which was purchased last month for $1.12 million and will be converted into apartment units by 2017. | Google Earth

Sunday, July 3, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || @village_free

A former school building owned by a Melrose Park church will be redeveloped into 56 apartment units, according to Miller Chicago Real Estate, the broker that oversaw the purchase of the property.

The 91,000-square-foot building, located at 2100 Main Street, near the Melrose Park Metra station, was built in 1991 by First Baptist Church to house the H. McNelty School — named after the church’s late pastor, Rev. Harry McNelty, who founded the school in 1985.

After McNelty died in 2001, the school closed. The building, Miller officials noted, has been closed for seven years. Early last month, Star Development Group bought the building for $1.12 million. In a June 14 statement, Miller noted that Star plans on completing the development by spring 2017.

“Due to its proximity to the Melrose Park Metra station of the Union Pacific West line, it will qualify as a Transit-Oriented Development, the first of its kind in the western suburb,” the Miller statement noted.

A July 1 report by the Chicago Tribune, citing state records and the First Baptist Church’s website as references, notes that the building includes an auditorium, educational labs, an atrium garden and “a state of the art media center.”

“It’s a well-built structure, and clearly it’s not been in use for some time, so that’s good that this redevelopment puts a piece of blighted property back on the tax rolls after nearly a decade of not being on there,” Gary Mack, a Melrose Park spokesman, told the Tribune.

“It’s good news for Melrose Park, and we’re happy to see it happen and be a benefit to the village and residents looking for affordable, transit-oriented development.”

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10 thoughts on “Former Melrose Park School, Once Owned by Church, to Become Apartments

  1. Former Assistant Principal of The H.McNelty School. Just for accuracy the school did not closed 2001 after Pastor McNelty died. The school was closed Summer 2008. The staff and I were very disappointed about the decision. The decision to closed the school effective the community, staff and most importantly the students.

  2. Congratulations! For those who feel black history has been removed, and transaction should not have happened…..Understood. Times change, school was closed, building was vacant and others will benefit, Let’s keep it moving and pray for the best for all.

    P. S. I don’t have 1.2 million to…..

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