For-Profit Company Touts Money-Making Venture for Nonprofits

Theodora Harper.jpgThursday, July 7, 2016 || By David Pollard || @maywoodnews || @village_free

A Bellwood resident says she has the answer for cash-strapped nonprofit organizations in Proviso Township and surrounding communities looking for a way to raise money.

Theodora Harper, pictured left, a community donation manager for Savers, said unwanted gently used clothes, shoes and similar items can be used as a fundraising tool through Savers. Harper works out of the company’s Franklin Park location.

Savers is a San Francisco-based for-profit global thrift retailer offering quality, gently used clothing, accessories and household goods. The business focuses on purchasing, reselling and recycling these kinds of items from area communities.

Harper said that’s where the fundraising opportunity comes in for nonprofit organizations through clothing drives.  Prior to having the clothing drive, Savers will enter into a contractual agreement with the nonprofit organization.

“Then from there we find out how much you are trying to raise,” she said. “How much money you raise depends on poundage. We pay 20 cents a pound for soft goods, 10 cents for hard good and five cents per pound for books and media.”

She said some of the organizations she has worked with have raised over $1,000, adding that the more clothes an organization brings in the more money the organization can raise.

“All you have to do is ask people in the community to donate to your (non-profit) organization, whether it is clothes, shoes and hard goods like pots and pans and glasses,” she said. “My role is to go out into the community and educate people about Savers and help them raise funds through clothing drives.”

She said the whole process is a win-win for all involved.

“This is a really quick and easy way to raise funds for your nonprofit,” she said. “All you are doing is cleaning out your closet to help your organization raise money.” VFP

For more information on fundraising opportunities with Savers contact Theodora Harper at 847-288-0036 or 708-903-6767.

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