Abandoned Garage Fire Spreads, Damaging Two Properties Nearby


The charred remains of a garage that burned down on the 400 block of S. 19th Ave., in Maywood on Tuesday afternoon. | Courtesy Chief Craig Bronaugh

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 || Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || @village_free ||

A fire that started inside of the garage of an abandoned home, and that damaged two other garages nearby, was caused by three juveniles, according to Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh.

The fire happened Tuesday, July 19, on the 400 block of South 19th Ave. in Maywood, at around 11:17 a.m., according to chicagofiremap.net. Bronaugh noted that the youths, whose ages and identities haven’t been disclosed, admitted to police the circumstances of the fire.

Bronaugh said the youths told officers they were lighting some paper in the garage that was tossed aside and that landed on flammable material. Officials from the Maywood Police Department couldn’t be reached for comment.

Although no injuries were reported from the fire, Bronaugh said the flames leveled the garage in which the fire started and spread to two other garages nearby. The vinyl siding on one, which was occupied, was melted. The other garage, which was also abandoned, only sustained heat damage and didn’t catch fire.

“Abandoned properties definitely have the potential of creating an attraction for trouble,” Bronaugh said in an interview Wednesday. “I do see that the village is making an effort to secure these properties and to keep them boarded up.”

Bronaugh also said that this summer has seen a rate of fire incidents that has been relatively steady compared to years in the past. VFP

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2 thoughts on “Abandoned Garage Fire Spreads, Damaging Two Properties Nearby

  1. Why were these kids in a garage lighting ANYTHING?? WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?? They all are a disgrace to this Village.

  2. Kids! What r ya gonna do? Spank their stinkin asses and keep them inside cleaning or reading!!

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