BREAKING: Early Morning Police Raid Above Maywood Restaurant, July 28

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The outside of Pumpkin’s Place in Maywood. Law enforcement officials raided the space above the restaurant early Thursday morning, according to Maywood police. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || @village_free  

Law enforcement officials with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force conducted an early morning raid Thursday above Pumpkin’s Place, 1426 S. 5th Ave., in Maywood, according to Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley. The task force comprises officers from multiple law enforcement agencies.

Talley said he didn’t know off-hand the details of the raid, such as whether anyone was arrested, but noted that he would give more information at a later time. One Maywood police officer took part in the raid, he said. So far, no connection has been made between the raid and the restaurant.

The July 28 raid comes two days after 36 alleged Latin King gang members were charged with numerous crimes, including racketeering, murder, attempted murder and extortion.

Some of the 36 alleged gang members are from Maywood and Melrose Park, an area known as ‘M-town.’ One, Edgar Velarde-Saldana, 33, of Maywood, is charged with attempting to murder a Melrose Park police officer in 2014.

Talley said the July 28 raid has no connection to the federal charges, but that both operations will help put a dent in the crime rates in Maywood and surrounding suburbs.

“We’ve already been realizing a decrease in criminal activity,” he said. “This assistance from multiple agencies allows us to get the crime down even further.”

Talley said that, while Maywood isn’t necessarily the center of Latin King operations, the gang’s activities in Chicago have consequences for the suburbs.

“A lot of families migrated into the west suburbs and some had members who were part of those gangs,” Talley said. “The gangs have been able to infiltrate Maywood, Melrose Park, Stone Park and other places. Collectively, all of us west suburban police chiefs are trying to utilize every resource we can to stop this criminal activity.” VFP

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Early Morning Police Raid Above Maywood Restaurant, July 28

  1. We need to shut down Pumpkin’s Place. People are shot and/or killed there regularly and it it will continue if the Village turns the usual blind eye to this.

  2. What does the restaurant has to do with this pls tell me that? Obviously YOU did not READ it. It said BUILDING not RESTAURANT!!! SO BEFORE YOU start making comments please read first & do your homework investigation. Before YOU LEAVE stupid comments.

  3. We appreciate the drug arrest, but what about the murder that took place inside of Pumpkins place and the shootings. My son was killed in the door way, my family need closer.

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