BREAKING: Maywood Board Considers Reversing Decision to Move Mayor’s Office

40 W MadisonTuesday, August 16, 2016 || By Michael Romain @maywoodnews || UPDATED || 8/17/16

By a 4-3 vote, the Maywood Board of Trustees decided to consider reversing a decision it had made two years ago to move the mayor’s office from above the village’s police department and adjacent council chambers at 125 S. 5th Ave. to the municipal building at 40 Madison St.

The board voted Tuesday night to move the matter to the next Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC). In the meantime, the board’s decision at least pauses what, by multiple accounts, had seemed to be a done deal. The renovations at 40 Madison to a space that would be significantly smaller than the existing mayor’s office were virtually complete and the mayor was set to turn over the keys to her current office before this sudden turn of events.

Trustees Michael Rogers, Isiah Brandon and Henderson Yarbrough voted in favor, and Trustees Antoinette Dorris, Melvin Lightford and Ron Rivers voted against, the motion to discuss the reversal of the 2014 board decision that led to the move. Mayor Edwenna Perkins was the tie-breaking vote in favor of the motion to reconsider the office relocation.

In June 2014, against the recommendations of then Acting Village Manager David Myers and Perkins, the village board voted 4-3 to direct village staff to relocate the office.

Trustees Audrey Jaycox, Toni Dorris, Ron Rivers and Melvin Lightford voted in favor of the proposal; while Mayor Perkins and Trustees Cheryl Ealey-Cross and Michael Rogers voted against it. Jaycox and Ealey-Cross are no longer on the board.

Those in favor of the relocation argued that, by moving the mayor’s office into 40 Madison, where most of the village’s other employees are housed, the quality of service to residents would be enhanced. Some also alleged that political allies of the mayor were using her existing office for personal gain, although this claim hadn’t been born out by much evidence.

Those against the move cited its financial ramifications — at the time the directive was given, Myers estimated that the move could cost around $17,000 — and the insufficient space of the location at 40 Madison, which, according to measurements presented by Myers last year, would have been around three times smaller than the office at 125 S. 5th Ave.

Yarbrough said his vote to reconsider the office relocation was premised on his belief that the space at 40 Madison would be insufficient for a mayor’s office.  VFP

An original article incorrectly noted that the board finalized a decision to reverse an earlier directive made to village staff to move the mayor’s office. The decision made Tuesday night only moves the matter to the next LLOC for consideration. VFP regrets this error.

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