Briefly Around Town: A Quinceañera in Maywood


Gabby Ojeda with her four chambelanes behind the Maywood Police Station on Aug. 20. | Shanel Romain

Quinceanera_IVThursday, August 25, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Last Saturday, Gabby Ojeda and four of her friends posed in front of a camera atop the grassy hill above the Maywood Police Station, 125 S. 5th Ave.

The sounds of fast-paced Hip-Hop music blared around them as hundreds of past and present Maywood residents reminisced during last weekend’s Old Timers Picnic.

For a moment, Fred Hampton Way was a melting pot of cultures, experiences and generations.

“At the church they called her a princess and they said we’re protecting her,” said Nehum Rodriguez, 15, of LaGrange, who was dressed in a black tuxedo.

Rodriguez was one of four chambelanes in Ojeda’s weekend court. Ojeda, donning a dress featuring pink Barbie flourishes was dressed the royal part.

Aug. 25 was Ojeda’s Quinceañera — a Hispanic tradition that signifies a young girl’s transition into early womanhood. The ceremony typically happens during a girl’s 15th year.

The four chambelanes were poised to perform two dances at Mariella’s Banquet Hall, 124 S. 5th Ave. They seemed somewhat nervous contemplating the routines and didn’t speak much.

Ojeda, also of few words, said her dress came from Princess Paradise in Chicago. It was a perfectly fitting shop to fit the royal occasion. VFP

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