Victim in Fatal Aug. 24 Car Crash Was 75-year-old Bolingbrook Veteran

Maywood accident

Firefighters work to extinguish a smoldering fire coming from a rolled over SUV after it hit numerous street poles and fatally hit a pedestrian during an Aug. 24 crash near 9th Ave. and Roosevelt Rd. in Maywood. | Courtesy Maywood Fire Department 

Saturday, August 27, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews UPDATED: 11:33 a.m.

Maywood police have identified the man who died in the Aug. 24 car crash that happened near the intersection of 9th Avenue and Roosevelt Rd. as 75-year-old Edward W. Brandseth.

According to relatives, Brandseth, of Bolingbrook, was a Vietnam War veteran, which is contrary to earlier reports published here that he served in World War II.

Brandseth was walking along Roosevelt Rd. from nearby Hines VA Hospital when he was struck by an SUV driven by an unidentified woman. The vehicle also plowed into a traffic pole and other fixtures in the area. Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley said Brandseth was scheduled to have surgery the next day.

Maywood Police Detective Lt. Dennis Diaz said police are treating the crash as a fatal accident, which is why the identity of the driver, a woman who suffered burns to her legs and was rushed to nearby Loyola University Medical Center, has not been released. So far, Diaz said, no charges have been filed. The woman’s current medical condition is not known.

Diaz said the cause of the accident is still under investigation and it will likely be a few months before officials draw any conclusions. A traffic reconstruction team from DuPage County was called to the scene to gather data about the accident, which resulted in the closure of a large strip of Roosevelt Road for several hours.

Diaz said that multiple jurisdictions showed up to the scene of the crash, including emergency and law enforcement units from Broadview, Forest Park, Hillside, North Riverside and River Forest. VFP

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7 thoughts on “Victim in Fatal Aug. 24 Car Crash Was 75-year-old Bolingbrook Veteran

  1. How and Why ?? If witnesses say she was doing 40 miles over the speed limit how is this just a “Fatal Accident” and why is her identity such a big secret ?? Why is she being protected when her reckless driving KILLED an innocent person, Why ? Either she has ties with someone in the towns and or she’s not black… anyone else would’ve been thrown under the bus… This is way to tragic for someone to be speeding in a 30 and take down an entire street pole , for goodness sake the man was decapitated and lost limbs…Why is she NOT to be charged WHY ??… She knows someone. .. Just a Fatal Accident my butt !

    1. I agree 1000% and if I was his family I’d be FUMING MAD! The driver was a black woman I can tell you that because I saw her so it’s not always that simple. I can’t believe that. 70mph is no freaking accident.

      1. Dont feel bad for him. I knew him. That’s God’s way of punishment when he is really angry at your behavior.

      2. Ron who commented below, I hope no one you care about ever is killed in such a horrific way and then some jerk says “don’t feel bad for him”. What a horrible thing to say. His family is grieving. You may not have been a fan, but others cared for him. If you really believe god is revengeful like that, then maybe you should watch your step…your behavior doesn’t seem very nice, either.

  2. I’m Ed’s daughter in law. First not one person has told us the woman had a seizure. If thats the case the someone should tell us. Another thing….what kind of person he may have been to you…im speaking to the person whose name is Ron doesnt change the fact his son and granddaughters loved him with all their heart. As do I. Dont be a troll. Keep your shitty comments to yourself. Those without sin shall cast the first stone

  3. @ Ron
    Hi! Im Ed’s daughter in law! How dare you. Despite what you thought of him he was loved by us all. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is what my teenage daughters Ed’s granddaughters call trolling. Get a life.
    And no one has said for sure that the woman driving has a seizure. If so was this a pre exsisting medical condition that would impair her driving. Im sorry she is hurt and I dont wish her any harm but my father in law is dead. And to everyone else who commented i thank you all

    He who is without sin shall cast the first stone

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