19th Ave. Rail Crossing Scheduled to Close from Sept. 6 – 7 | PACE Detour Alert


Friday, September 2, 2016 || By COMMUNITY EDITOR || @maywoodnews

The 19th Avenue rail crossing will be completely closed to traffic from Tuesday, Sept. 6 through Wednesday, Sept. 7, according to a recent village statement. The crossing’s closure is due to a Railroad Ave. water main and roadway improvements project.

Motorists will be able to detour along St. Charles Road to 9th Ave., and then along Lake St. toward 19th Ave., according to the statement.

19th Ave., between St. Charles Rd. and Railroad Ave., will still be open to allow local traffic to access area businesses. Local traffic will also be open for access to businesses in Melrose Park on 19th Ave. between Main St. and Lake St.

“The ultimate closure of 19thAvenue will occur just north of the tracks and just south of Railroad Avenue,” the statement noted.

Anyone with questions is asked to call the Village of Maywood at (708) 450-6300.

PACE detours announced

The 19th Ave. closure will also affect PACE buses traveling in the area. During the closure, from Sept. 6 to Sept. 7, the following changes to routes 303 and 313 will take place:

Route 303 Northbound Detour

19th Ave. → St. Charles Rd. → 9th Ave. → Lake St. → 19th Ave. → Resume regular routing

Route 303 Southbound Detour

19th Ave. → Lake St. → 9th Ave. → St. Charles Rd. → 19th Ave. → Resume regular routing

Route 313 Eastbound Detour

St. Charles Rd. → 9th Ave. → Lake St. → Resume regular routing

Route 313 Westbound Detour

Lake St. → 9th Ave. → St. Charles Rd. → Resume regular routing


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