After Years-long Wait, 13th Ave. Resurfacing to Begin


The portion of 13th Ave., between Bataan Dr. and Roosevelt Rd., is scheduled to be repaved sometime in October after a years-long waiting game. | Shanel Romain/Village Free Press

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Thursday, September 29, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Thirteenth Avenue has long been a source of consternation for residents and commuters in both Broadview and Maywood, but that could change now that the villages have both found the funding to resurface a portion of the street between Bataan Dr. and Roosevelt Rd., with officials from both villages anticipating construction to start soon.

The two villages will split the costs of the roughly $690,000 project, with Maywood paying $388,000 and Broadview paying $301,000. Broadview’s share is based on roughly 44 percent of the project area being located within that village’s corporate boundaries, while roughly 56 percent of the project area is located in Maywood, village officials said.

Broadview will take the lead on the project, which would entail preparing the design and construction engineering documents, and selecting the contractor, among other functions.

Broadview Mayor Sherman Jones said that the 13th Ave. project will be bundled into a much larger capital project his village is executing in nearby areas.

“By doing it that way, we [Broadview] probably saved $40,000 to $50,000, maybe more,” Jone said in a recent interview, adding that he anticipates construction to start within the next 45 days. The 13th Ave. project should be completed by the end of the year.

“Even though the [Broadview Board of Trustees] dragged its feet on this and held the project up, I’m glad it’s going forward now,” Jones said. “It’s a great thing.”

The construction marks a significant milestone in Maywood’s and Broadview’s years-long effort at trying to repave that stretch of road, which the towns share.

Broadview officials have noted that they’ve had their share of the funding, and had been trying to get the repairs done, since at least 2010. They said they were just waiting on Maywood to allocate its share, so that the cost burden could be shared equitably between the towns.

During budgets talks in May, Maywood Trustee Michael Rogers urged his colleagues on the board to pledge a portion of funds to the resurfacing project, which would signal to Broadview that Maywood was committed to the repairs.

“Every long journey starts with a first step,” Rogers said at the time. “It’s important to take the first step and put our money where our mouths are.”

The Maywood board eventually voted to set aside $200,000 in its working capital reserve fund to pay for a portion of its share of the project costs. Village officials have noted that the remaining balance of Maywood’s costs for the project will come from the Roosevelt Road Tax Increment Financing  (TIF) district funds. VFP

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