At Proviso East’s Homecoming Parade, Old Pride Meets a New Day


Members of the Proviso East Marching Band, above, and Pirateers, below left, during last Saturday’s Homecoming Parade. | Daisy Winfrey/VFP

proviso-east-homecoming_pirateersThursday, October 13, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Rochelle Kirksy, a 43-year resident of Maywood and a health nurse at Irving Middle School in Maywood, yelled at a group of Proviso East dancers who were stepping sprightly down Washington Blvd. last Saturday morning during the high school’s annual Homecoming Parade.

“I almost missed it,” said Kirksy, who noted that she rushed out of her home when she heard sirens and the commotion of a high-octane procession — complete with a fire engine, a motorcade of motorcycles, exotic cars and a royal float — that stretched for several blocks.

“This is the highlight of my day,” Kirksy said. “I come every year. Those are my girls. Many of them went to Irving.”

Danika Murray, 22, walked her 3-year-old daughter alongside the parade, hoping that her own past would be her daughter’s prologue.

“This is amazing,” Murray said. “I used to be in the drum line before I graduated in 2012. I played the cymbals.”

For top District 209 administrators like Proviso East Principal Patrick Hardy and D209 Superintendent Jesse Rodriguez, this year’s parade marked the dawning of a new era — one encapsulated in the phrase, ‘One Proviso.’


For perhaps the first time in the history the Proviso East homecoming, the Proviso West Marching Band participated in the parade.

In addition, Hardy noted, many more extracurricular clubs were represented in this year’s parade than in years past.

“We went from five clubs and activities at Proviso East when I first got here to over 21 clubs and organizations right now, because we’re trying to grow and give our kids a chance to get connected to the school,” Hardy said.

“A lot more of those are participating,” he said. “You’ll even see members of our Anime Club, which has never participated before. So, there’s a lot more school pride and spirit this year.”

That Pirate pride, Rodriguez noted, is the most pungent he’s ever encountered, before complimenting the district’s “happy community and engaged staff.”

“This is my first [parade] experience here in Proviso and even though we do these type of activities in Milwaukee, the pride here is different,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a different feeling.”

Homecoming King Devin Booth, a 17-year-old senior from Maywood, was basking in the morning glory of that Pirate feeling. His was of the vindicating sort.

“I ran my sophomore year and lost, but this year I ran and got king,” said Booth. “My whole family went to East, so they’re ecstatic.”

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins, who rode a car in the parade, was also feeling vindicated. This parade, and ones before it, she said, is the result of her struggle to revive a tradition that had stopped for some time.

“When I was a student here, we had a homecoming parade,” Perkins said. “But when my children came here, they didn’t have this. I was the PTO president and I asked the school what was the problem. They said they couldn’t find anyone to participate.

“So I reached into the community and that’s how this got started again. It makes me feel good to know that something I was able to revive is still going on. That’s history.” VFP

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3 thoughts on “At Proviso East’s Homecoming Parade, Old Pride Meets a New Day

  1. I am glad that the Proviso East Homecoming parade was a huge success for the atmosphere of Proviso East High School. As a graduate/alumni, class of 2003…it was a great feeling to get involved and participate to show support to my alma mater. I wish that the village of Maywood had more citizens watch the parade. I would love to do this again, and make it much better.

    – Jeremy Horn
    Class of 2003 – Graduate/Alumni
    Proviso East High School

    1. It’s wonderful how all that participated in this event made it a success. From the Event planners, Participants and Spectators. Success made possible when all are willing to work together as well as support one another. Jeremy Horn continue to be proud!

      1. You’re so right, Delores. A huge shout out to the event planners for making the Proviso East Homecoming Parade a success, and the alumni/graduates that still shows Pirate Pride!

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