Village Could Close Down Maywood Gas Station Cited for Ordinance Violations

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The Maywood Board of Trustees has take steps to revoke the business license of Falcon Fuel, 201 W. Roosevelt Road, which has been cited for selling illegal cigarettes and drug paraphernalia. | Google Earth

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

During a regular board meeting on Tuesday night, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted unanimously to direct village staff to take steps to revoke the business license of Falcon Fuel, a gas station located at 201 W. Roosevelt Rd.

At the Nov. 1 meeting, village attorney Michael Jurusik said that Falcon has been selling cigarettes purchased in Missouri that don’t contain county or state sales stamps, which is a violation of village ordinances.

Falcon has also been cited twice for selling small plastic baggies that are commonly used to store narcotics, Jurusik said.

In July, the village beefed up its cigarette regulations, unanimously approving amendments to its code of ordinances that make the prohibition of cigarettes sold without proper sales stamps more explicit.

“I’ve gone by [Falcon] several times, sat and watched,” said Trustee Ron Rivers at Tuesday’s meeting. “Drive-up and drive-through is the bulk of their business. They have very few people who pull up to pump their gas. This is a known [establishment] for drug paraphernalia and cigarettes.”

Jurusik recommended that the village formally notify Falcon about its intention to suspend or revoke the establishment’s business license. Jurusik said he’s been working with village staff to compile a history of citations on the gas station.

The revocation or suspension process involves a hearing before the mayor, who makes the final decision on revoking or suspending business licenses.

Jurusik also recommended that the village contact the Illinois Department of Revenue’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, to request its assistance with prosecuting Falcon and other businesses “that operate in this manner.”

Lastly, the attorney recommended that staff be permitted to undergo a training program that the state offers in regard to investigating and prosecuting the sale of tobacco products.

The board unanimously approved all of Jurusik’s recommendations. Falcon owners couldnt’ be reached for comment, but this story will be updated if they decide to respond on the record to the board’s decision.

Maywood resident Gloria Clay, during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting, suggested that the board go after other possible violators.

“We have other stores [that violate regulations regarding tobacco sales] also and I hope we take a look at those as well,” Clay said. VFP

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5 thoughts on “Village Could Close Down Maywood Gas Station Cited for Ordinance Violations

  1. That’s good that the Village of Maywood is taking notice of the Falcon Fuel gas station. I know that they are other stores that does violation of selling illegal tobacco and many things, and I am surprise that they are still in business. They should definitely do a lot of training and be a lesson to businesses in Maywood that it is not going to tolerate violation.

  2. Ron Rivers sitting around businesses looking for petty stuff; what about sitting around the drug houses and/or locations where drugs are sold in daylight as well as night. He’s trying to get rid of businesses that’s bringing in tax money to a much needed town. Selling cigarettes is nothing compared to selling drugs.

    1. This gas station should be close down, I purchase fuel there at least three times a week and their customers always buy loose cigarettes.

  3. All the killing going on but yall worried about a gas station selling illegal tobbacco products only reason this is an issue to you is because you cant tax it, everything comes back to money smh

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