‘Trump would not be where he is had Obama not been President,’ Says Proviso Grad on British TV


Kelauni Cook interviewed by Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow in October inside of her parents’ Maywood home. To see a portion of the video, click the image above.

Thursday, November 10, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

In October, Proviso East graduate and Pittsburgh software engineer Kelauni Cook was visited in her parents’ Maywood home by a TV crew from Channel 4 News — England’s equivalent of ABC or CBS. (Read our earlier story about the visit here).

The channel’s main news anchor, Jon Snow, England’s Tom Brokaw, if you will, wanted to follow-up with Cook on a segment he did with her in 2008, on the night President Barack Obama was elected.

Back then, Cook was a student at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Back then, she cried tears of joy.

It took Snow and his crew years to locate Cook, whose identity his team hadn’t secured in the mayhem of election night.

Eight years later, Snow asked Cook in her parents’ living room, has her feelings about Obama changed?

The Channel 4 segment aired earlier this month, not long before the election, on Nov. 8, of President-elect Donald Trump.

Some of Cook’s answers in her interview, however, are resonating in the wake of Trump’s election to the presidency. This, in part, is what she said:

I think everyone put so much pressure on one man. He couldn’t be black people’s President. He had to be everyone’s President.

And I think a lot of people kind of lost sight of that.

They kind of looked at him as a savior, instead of someone who just wanted to create a little change, each day at a time.

Jon Snow asked, “So what has having a black President done to race?”

I think it shed a light on the people who weren’t ready for that to happen. And his election opened up Pandora’s box of these sub-communities who just absolutely weren’t for it.

Trump would not be where he is had Obama not been President. Period. Because Trump is catering to those people who the night of the election, that you saw me scream and yell and cry, those people who were doing the same thing but for a different reason.

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