Trustee Yarbrough Confident In His Chances at a Third Mayoral Term


Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, the former Maywood mayor, right, shakes hands with Metra executive director and CEO Don Orseno during a Nov. 7 groundbreaking for a new Metra train depot on 5th Ave. in Maywood. | File

Thursday, November 10, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Former mayor and sitting trustee, Henderson Yarbrough, stood with petition sheets in hand outside of Irving Middle School, 805 S. 17th Ave., as voters filed into the school’s gymnasium to vote on Tuesday.

During a brief interview, he defended claims about his two-term tenure made by incumbent Mayor Edwenna Perkins, shared his motivation for running for trustee in 2015 and another mayoral term next year, and expressed confidence in his chances come April, 4, 2017.

“I guess you can say I was encouraged to run by people I trust and have confidence in and people who trust, and have confidence, in me,” said Yarbrough. “It certainly wasn’t my plan, when I was out, to come back and run for trustee. I didn’t intend to come back to run for [mayor], either.”

Yarbrough, who recently retired, didn’t specify who those encouragers were, but noted that they may have been motivated to push him into the race “based on who is running and who is not.”

The former mayor — who served two terms from 2005 until 2013 before he was narrowly defeated by Perkins — heads up the Maywood United Party ticket, the same party he rode into office with over a decade ago.

Former Proviso Township High Schools District 209 board member Readith Esther is the ticker’s candidate for clerk. Maywood businessman Antonio Sanchez, former Maywood Trustee Audrey Jaycox and sitting Maywood Trustee Michael Rogers are the ticket’s trustee candidates. All of those candidates, except for Sanchez, have run on the Maywood United platform before.

While formally announcing her bid for reelection last weekend, Perkins said that, under Yarbrough, the village sustained a pattern of business failure. The sitting mayor made her announcement in front of the shuttered Corbin Colonial Funeral Chapel, 1001 Madison St.

The business’s owner, Randy Corbin, claimed the chapel’s closure in 2009 was, in part, due to the village’s unwillingness to extend tax relief in the form of alley easement rights (which he said could’ve qualified him for TIF incentives). In 2008, he told West Suburban Journal, his second installment property taxes were $110,000.

When asked about Corbin on Tuesday, Yarbrough said that it’s misleading to claim that the chapel closed because of him.

“Mr. Corbin came to see me and we had a conversation and he said his taxes went way up and he wasn’t going to be able to stay in business,” the former mayor said. “I put him in touch with [economic development coordinator] Angela Smith and they had a conversation to see if there was anything for us to do to help him out.”

Yarbrough said that when Corbin first opened the chapel, the businessman “wasn’t really asking for anything in particular, or at least not that I’m aware of.”

“There wasn’t really much I could do about the taxes, because he’s not the only one [with high property taxes],” Yarbrough said. “Most of our businesses are suffering from high taxes and we want to do anything and everything we can to keep business here.”

Yarbrough said that Maywood needs to create an environment that’s more inviting to new businesses.

“We talk a lot about new businesses, but the businesses we have really do need a lot of help with these new taxes,” he said. “Outside of grants and some other state and federal funding, there isn’t much we can do about it, except to try to build more businesses and bring in more businesses.

“In order to do that, we have to get our house in order here, too,” he said. “People have to want to come here for a reason. People located to certain places based on the reputation of the town, so we have to do some stuff in house.”

On Tuesday, Yarbrough had his own criticisms of Perkins, noting that, while she’s been mayor, she hasn’t done anything that he’s aware of.

“I don’t see anything she’s done,” he said. “She hasn’t brought anything or offered anything. If she has, I don’t know what it is.”

During her campaign launch last Saturday, Perkins pointed to a development that failed because of board opposition.

In 2013, at the beginning of Perkins’ term, a developer approached the village looking to build a new facility that would house retail establishments and a Maywood branch of Hinsdale Community Bank.

The developer, InSite Real Estate Investment Properties, said that they would complete the new facility by September 2014, but the board failed to marshal the five-vote supermajority among trustees that was required to vacate an alley near the land targeted for development.

The alley vacation was necessary in order for the project to be completed, Maywood attorney Michael Jurusik said at the time.

Trustees Audrey Jaycox, Rivers and Dorris, who were in support of an offer to purchase Lake St. and 1st Ave. by a different developer, would not vote for the alley vacation, thus effectively shutting down the bank and retail center proposal. Yarbrough wasn’t on the board at the time.

Yarbrough also called out the mayor for what he said is her inability to work with people she considers her adversaries.

“She doesn’t really understand how to reach out to the people on the board, the people who have worked, the people who have to work with her,” he said. “She doesn’t seem to be inclusive. And to me, it doesn’t make sense not to do that. I’m a totally inclusive person. If I think you got something to offer, even if you didn’t run on my ticket, we can work together.”

Since his election to the board in 2015, Yarbrough has voted in the majority with Perkins on numerous key proposals and also presented an important vote that blocked the mayor’s office from being relocated from 125 S. 5th Ave. to 40 Madison St. — a move that Perkins was staunchly against.

“For some reason, I don’t know what it is, she’s never seemed to appreciate anything about me,” Yarbrough said of the current mayor. “And I never, ever disrespected her. Ever.”

Yarbrough also addressed Trustee Antonette Dorris’s bid for mayor. Dorris, who is also the current executive director of the Maywood Park District, served as Yarbrough’s executive assistant for several years before she was elected trustee on the Maywood United Party ticket in 2013. She’s also been a trustee for the Bellwood District 88 school board.

“[Dorris] always said she wanted to run if I didn’t run,” Yarbrough said. “She’s been saying that from the beginning. She also said that, if I do run, she’d want to be on my ticket. But I couldn’t make up my mind. I wasn’t planning on running, really.”

Yarbrough said that, by the time he decided to run, Dorris had already decided to stay in the race. He said there’s no antipathy between them.

Dorris has since formed a ticket of her own, the Maywood Visionary Party, which includes which includes Lightford, businessman Joseph A. Wilson and real estate broker Drena Lanier as trustee candidates. Project manager Steven R. Smiley is the slate’s candidate for clerk.

The sitting clerk, Viola Mims, is running on the My Maywood slate, which comprises mayoral candidate Mary “May” Larry, a village liquor commissioner; and trustee candidates Marcius Scaggs (a former trustee appointed by Yarbrough), Tanya Butler (a sitting Maywood Public Library commissioner) and Sammie Rogers, Jr.

Perkins is supporting a group of independents called the Peoples Choice Party, which includes U.S. military veteran and state employee Kimyada Wellington, businessman and U.S. Air Force veteran Elijah Goodwin and businessman Rolando Villegas. Tamika Commier is the group’s candidate for clerk.

When asked how he thought his chances of victory are this April, Yarbrough expressed confidence.

“I’m very confident,” he said. “It’s not going to be an easy run, though.” VFP

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27 thoughts on “Trustee Yarbrough Confident In His Chances at a Third Mayoral Term

  1. I am hopeful that the politics of hatred, divisiveness and negativity do not spill over into the municipal election cycle. I have adopted the mantra of Michelle Obama: “when they go low, we go high.” Let’s have a campaign that focuses on the issues that our community faces and after the election and a new board is sworn in – work together. I have devoted my entire life to service. From the time in the military, as a municipal worker in Maywood, a county worker in Cook county and as a businessman. Faith, family, community and country remain at the top of my list as priorities.

    1. Well said, but in politics you have to roll up your sleeves sometimes . This family has been rideing ruff shot over Maywood for years under the banner & seal of cook county, as we know a high percentage wind up in jail. There are two cells waiting on them. May justice be served to the people of Maywood. ( follow the money )

  2. Three shining reasons why Trustee Yarbrough should not be re-elected as Village President-Mayor:
    1: Maywood Market fiasco, $3 million plus lost by his administration
    2: 1st & Lake NW corner fiasco; $3 million plus lost by his administration
    3: 1st & Lake East Side north of Burger King fiasco, $1.4 million lost by his administration
    The Village can’t afford to make the financial blunders made under his administration.

    1. And, can’t forget about the Maywood Park District fiasco. Because it still looks vacant and do not support active activities for the children in Maywood, and parks and recreations in the village too. No accountability from Yarbrough. I am shocked that he is a trustee.

      1. To the gallows with Yarborough , all he ever did was line his pockets & his crooked wife. Starting with the sham insurence started by his father in law Don Williams. Keep Maywood strong lets completely elimatate the Yarboroughs.

  3. Maywood has moved forward & upward Since Mayor Perkins has assume office much like President Oboma when he took over from Bush.

  4. To Concerned Proviso Township Resident: Please note that the Maywood Park district is not under the auspices of the village. It has its own board and executive director who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the park. In my view, there has been much improvement in governance and increased programming. Under the leadership of former President Lawrence Broughton, and the efforts of our state rep. Chris Welch, the board was successful in garnering over $1 million to renovate the building at Madison and 9th for increased programming. I call this progress.

    1. If there has been improvement, how come that the village of Maywood do not have a little league baseball team? I know about the Maywood Bucs football team. How come is it there they are any activities for young children to participate? And, how come the Fred Hampton Aquatic Center is owned by the YMCA and not the Maywood Park District? These are great activities to keep the children in Maywood out of the streets.

    2. Harpo, please which village have you been living in ? Chris Welch & Lawrence Broughton are both cronies of Yarborough, waiting on the chance for Yarborough to assume power again so team Yarborough and them selfs can feed from the trouf of the people and continue to get fat. The people’s will must be done.

      1. I figured that Emanuel “Chris” Welch was a crony of Henderson Yarbrough. Even when he was President of the Board of Education District #209 and how he was so corrupt of taking taxpayers money for cronyism and hiring his brother to be a custodian with a salary of $200,000 a year. SMH That was when the FOP (Financial Oversight Panel) came, because there was no accountability in Proviso East, Proviso West, and PMSA high schools.

      2. As a younger I’ve often wondered why a person who was fairly well educated with means to make a very good living would seek public office, sure there a small number who do it for the right reasons . But the vast majority of those who seek public office is because it’s a license to steal. I suppose as long as man has breath in his body we will continue to hear these stories of local, state & national “public servants” stealing from the people they were put into office to serve . I thank God for sights like this were the people can dicuss matters that effect us locally and let those know that we the people pay their salaries .

      3. That’s true. What is called is “greed.” Greed is cancer and the root of all evil. Emanuel “Chris” Welch and his wife, ShawnTe’ are graduates of Proviso West High School.

      4. It’s unfortunate that greed reeds it ungly head (sin), now that we have assumed the majority of the electorate in these fine communities and are in positions to further the growth of our communities & people, powers that our forefathers never could even imagine we have subcome to the same temptation of greed that other ethic groups had when they were in power. We need people with praying hearts and a overwhelming need for Jesus Christ in office.

  5. Chevey – Do you not know that the park district has not received the money from the state grant yet? Do you not know that the dollars must be matched? It appears that you do not have sufficient information and are simply leveling charges that are unsubstantiated. Therefore, I refused to dialog with you any further.

    1. That’s your choice and I respect that . But in this country theirs a thing call freedom of speech . As a veteran of this country I serve my time in Vietnam therefore any social issues that arise in my township that I feel compel to voice my opinion on I will . I left took much blood in Nam not to fight at home .

    1. We’ve repealed Yarbrough twice, three times will be the charm. We won’t let you steal from us again, nor your crooked wife.

      1. CHEVEY: I believe that you’re talking to Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, Sr.’s grandson. He is Henderson Yarbrough, III. Just to let you know.

      2. Thank you, I know. Just wanted him to know that we the registered voters have already spoken twice conserning his political wantabe political powerhouse family. ( his grandfather wants to hold the seat for his grandson, like the Daleys in Chicago)

  6. Keep Maywood a free Yarbrough zone. His itchy fingers can’t wait to untie Maywoods coffers again. Building a family political machine is his only concern.

  7. Yarbrough speaks with a fork tongue, the people will repeal him for a third time in April of 2018. ( he reminds me of the republican Oberwise ) he keeps running and loosening. Time to enjoy your ill gotten gains & retire, for pete’s sake.

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