OPINION: After a Perilous Election, A Nation in Peril


Friday, November 18, 2016 || By Rev. Dr. Regi Ratliff || OPINION 

ratliffWith the shocking victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, one must wonder how Trump pulled off this improbable victory.

Was the voting system rigged? Did Russia have anything to do with the results from behind the scenes?

Saturday Night Live performed monologues of all three debates, including a one-liner from Clinton’s character: “I think I’m going to be President of the United States!”

Anyone who watched these monologues thought Alex Baldwin, who played Trump, and Kate McKinnon, who played Clinton, had masterful performances.

But now the nation isn’t laughing!

Since Clinton’s concession speech on Nov. 9, the nation has responded in dramatic fashion. Marches have taken place in major urban cities, such as Chicago, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Miami, just to name a few.

Citizens are angry and protesting Trump’s victory for various reasons. Some include his goals of repealing the Obamacare, building a wall to prevent Hispanics from crossing into U.S. territory, sending all criminal foreigners back to their home country and solving crime in black communities through methods he simply described as ‘law and order.’

Now, there are other reasons why Americans are vexed about the thought of Trump serving as the 45th President of these United States.

His attempts to justify his comments about touching a woman’s vagina as “locker room talk,” the refusal to release his tax returns, his premature conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his desire to provide top secret clearance for his three children and son in law are all valid reasons to look at Trump with disdain.

In my 20-year wrestling career, I have been in thousands of locker rooms, both large and small. Not once have I ever heard males provide such intimate details about touching a woman’s private parts. Those comments he said were made up and overly perverted. The audio tape shows the world an old man reveling in a sick fantasy.

Trump and his followers have told the American people to “get over it!” That means get over the fact that he has defeated Clinton and now wants everyone to work together during this time of transition. To eliminate the hate that currently exists and display love towards your fellow man. To support the incoming Trump administration and his agenda of making “America Great Again!”

Now, I may not be the brightest bulb in the room. I am getting a little older now and my elevator doesn’t always rise to the top these day, if you know what I mean. However! I am still smart enough to know that during the campaign season, Trump’s rhetoric was very belligerent towards women, minorities and his Republican colleagues.

During his campaign, he did not display any goals of working together as a nation, nor did he work with President Obama during his eight years in office. Now he pretends that working together is his goal! Nah, I don’t think so.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I openly laughed when I read Facebook comments from African Americans, a few from my hometown of Maywood, suggesting that we give Trump a chance when he officially becomes president.

The audacity to defend such a sexist to the point where those who think his behavior was simply tongue in cheek proves that people are just as crazy as he is. To suggest that Trump will be like a breath of fresh air is like saying I will get used to the smell of coal, when it’s actually damaging my lungs.

Over the course of his presidency, I believe the Trump administration will damage America, much like George W. Bush damaged America during his presidency. Trump is already moving in that direction by bringing well known racist Steve Bannon to serve as a top advisor and possibly former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as his Attorney General.

Oh, and let’s not forget Trump’s encouragement of the black vote in front of a mostly white audience in Michigan, “You live in poverty, your schools are bad, you have no job, what the hell do you have to lose?” This is not the person I desire to see as the leader of the free world.

Our nation is in peril! In order for us to continue to be great and keep President Obama’s legacy alive, every able person in America needs to become active at the grassroots level, volunteer your time to a local organization and vote in the 2018 mid- term elections.

The 2020 presidential elections will be here before you know it. At the local level, I want to wish congratulations to Emanuel “Chris” Welch for winning reelection as State Representative for the 7th District of Illinois, as well as my Proviso East classmate Kimberly Lightford for winning reelection as the State Senator for the 4th Legislative District of Illinois. You have both made our community proud! VFP

Reverend Dr. Regi Ratliff is the founder and executive director of Eternal Light Community Services. Eternal Light provides the following programs:public speaking, financial literacy, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship classes to youth, ages 5-18.

Contact Rev. Ratliff at (708) 813-4722 to register your child for one of our programs today.

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