A Greenhouse Looks to Setup Shop in Maywood, But Board Says Not So Fast


Good Earth Greenhouse, located in River Forest, is looking to relocate to Maywood. | Good Earth Greenhouse

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

The owner of Good Earth Greenhouse, currently located at 7900 Madison St. in River Forest, has his sights set on empty village-owned land on the northwest corner of 1st Ave. and Lake St. in Maywood.

According to a Nov. 17 report in West Suburban Journal, Tom Cronin approached members of the Maywood Board of Trustees during a Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting held earlier this month. He’s looking to relocate his business from its current River Forest location to that prime parcel in Maywood.

“Good Earth would make a $750,000 investment in the property and between sales tax for the village and landscaping of the [adjacent] Widows Home property would provide the village with $300,000 over six years,” according to the West Suburban report.

An estimated $200,000 would go to the village in the form of sales taxes, said Cronin, who added that the business would generate an estimated $10 million in sales over six years, the report states.

Trustee Michael Rogers, who said he was in support of the concept, nonetheless pushed back against the offer, explaining to Cronin that the village should receive more money for one of its most commercially appealing properties.

In 2013, InSite Real Estate Development offered to purchase the empty lot on the northwest corner of 1st and Lake for an appraised value of $450,000.

The development of a Hinsdale Community Bank branch and several retail outlets was planned for the site, but the proposal fell through after the board failed to garner a five-vote supermajority necessary to vacate an alley in the area — an action that developers said was essential in order for the plan to go forth.

Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, West Suburban reported, said that, despite some board members’ reservations about the initial offer, the village should continue to negotiate with Cronin.

According to its website, the Good Earth Greenhouse garden center carries “trees, shrubs, perennials, native plants, and annuals from local and nationally known growers.” The website notes that Good Earth also has a location in Hinsdale and a wholesale and growing facility in Lockport.

Located within the River Forest location is Good Earth Cafe, a health-conscious juice bar that also sells fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cronin told Maywood board members that he would provide similar fresh fare at the Maywood location, which would also include a drive-thru, West Suburban noted. VFP

Pick up a copy of West Suburban Journal at numerous locations throughout Maywood, including the Maywood Public Library (121 S. 5th Ave.) and Village Hall (40 Madison St.).

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7 thoughts on “A Greenhouse Looks to Setup Shop in Maywood, But Board Says Not So Fast

  1. Of all the stupid, greedy, ignorant comments to make – Michael Rogers wants more money from Good Earth Greenhouse to move to Maywood. Here is a well-established, well-liked business (I’ve bought from them for years) who WANTS TO MOVE TO MAYWOOD! How often do we see this happen? It’s probably going to go the way of the bank that was going to build a location in Maywood but the trustees wanted to save money by using a contractor THEY wanted because it would be cheaper. The bank would only use their contract, and now, NO BANK! And both of these would produce MONEY – cold, hard CASH!!! What have we got to show for the bank deal? Nothing. When the liquid natural gas company wanted to put in a filling depot that would have provided money, and the trustees axed that because some people said it would smell too bad (LNG has no odor so they would probably be hallucinating on something if they smelled anything) and there went MORE MONEY out the window. We could have had a medical marijuana dispensary and that was voted down because trustees said they didn’t want “no marijuana in my town”. Well, trustees, you don’t get high from medical marijuana. And I bet you have smoked some weed in your time! These dispensaries are making millions each month and places like Oak Park are getting a good chunk of those millions. Wake up!!!! Let Good Earth come to Maywood to help defray the exorbitant property taxes we all pay to live in a town that has no conscience and doesn’t listen to its citizens.

    1. Watcher; people do get high from medical marijuana, that’s the point. It treats the effects of the disability.

    2. 1, The Trustees NEVER turned down LNG
      2. Only SOME trustees did not support the bank , Rogers was a huge supporter of the bank/retail proposal.
      3. Those with any real knowledge of development know you don’t give away your prime property, serious offers are required, its business , not emotional favoritism or desperation.
      4. Purchase price, sales tax revenue,property tax revenue and quality of life all matter a great.
      5. Rogers does his homework, clearly. Study and experience are more important than “watching”.
      6. Maywood deserves to be taken seriously by all developers and stakeholders.

  2. Maywood shooting itself in the foot again! The Village bought all that land over 10 years ago, demolished the buildings on it (a couple of two flats, Uptown Garage), and poured more money into the Widow’s Home. All for about $3 million, and for what? To put up a sign that says “come grow with us”. There is some irony with that sign as a greenhouse gets rejected.

  3. One day Maywood will realize that they should be happy that a business wants to come there. This is a great opportunity to take the community to the next level. Hopefully, the village will get some progressive, civic and business minded people on the board. When they stop trying to be so greedy and recognize that they are not a community that businesses are flocking to and need to value an opportunity that will enhance and not detract like video slots.

  4. This could be a nice business to come to Maywood–and it would bring additional traffic to the neighborhood, but lets think outside the box a bit. The village also owns the property across the street from the Widows Home, next to the Burger King. Why not offer the greenhouse that lot? It would be better suited trafficwise, you have the woods as a backdrop and you would still maintain the prime parcel at 1st and Lake for retail/commercial development. A greenhouse gets a lot of auto traffic, so the additional access road on Ohio would be perfect for this business. Has anyone from the village pitched this as an alternative?? I sure hope they did–lets not loose this one!

  5. Very inexperienced people running the Village of Maywood. If they had the experience needed, the Village would not be in the state it is in.

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