Briefly: Man Who Shot Himself Outside of Beggar’s Pizza Won’t Face Charges, Maywood Detective Says | Meet Maywood’s New HR Coordinator | More

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Friday, December 2, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

A man who shot himself outside of Beggar’s Pizza, 621 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Maywood, won’t face charges, according to Maywood Det. Dennis Diaz. The incident happened Monday evening, police said.

The man, who’s identity hasn’t been confirmed yet, is a concealed weapon carrier who had just ordered food from Beggar’s.

“He was in his own car in the parking lot and was reaching for his keys when the gun discarded in his pocket,” Diaz said.

The man, he said, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and was taken to nearby Loyola University Medical Center. His condition isn’t known, but police say the gunshot wound wasn’t fatal.

“It happened while officers were in a MAPS [Maywood Alternative Policing Strategies] meeting,” said Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley. “We were giving a presentation when the guy was shot. My staff had to run out and see what happened.”

Talley said the unfortunate accident illustrates why he isn’t a supporter of some concealed carry language.

“You’re supposed to keep your gun in a holster and a lot of people don’t,” Talley said.

Maywood HR coordinator installed 

Banks.jpgIn January, we reported that the village had terminated HR Coordinator Wilhelmina Dunbar that month.

Since then, the village has installed Dunbar’s replacement, LaSondra Banks, whose LinkedIn profile notes that she’s been in the position since July.

Banks, who holds a master’s degree in human resources management, is also an adjunct professor in that area at Triton College, her profile indicates.

Before being brought on as HR coordinator with the village, Banks was program director for the Maywood Park District, where she’d been since September 2013. She also served a stint as a program manager for the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) for Maywood from March 2011 to December 2012.

Chicago Tribune wants state to investigate D88

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board wants the Illinois State Board of Education to investigate Bellwood District 88 in light of a Tribune report that indicates the district went into a no-bid contract with a local cab company to transport homeless and special education students to and from school.

“People Cab Co. has been paid $605,000 since 2011 to shuttle homeless and special education students to and from school,” the Editorial Board notes.

“That’s far more than what neighboring school districts pay. In 2015, the combined taxi cost for Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview School District 89 and Berkeley School District 87 was $47,000. Bellwood’s tab that year: $192,000. And get this: The Maywood and Berkeley districts had more homeless students that year — a combined 88 students compared with Bellwood’s 42 students. Bellwood also had a smaller share of special needs students than Maywood or Berkeley.” […]

“The Illinois State Board of Education has yet to look into Bellwood. We’ve asked why not.”

Read the ISBE’s response in the full Tribune editorial here. VFP

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3 thoughts on “Briefly: Man Who Shot Himself Outside of Beggar’s Pizza Won’t Face Charges, Maywood Detective Says | Meet Maywood’s New HR Coordinator | More

  1. District 88 should be investigated , it’s absolutely criminal the amount of money funnel to people’s can company. There’s has to be kick backs involve.

  2. District 88 in the Village of Bellwood should be investigated by the State of Illinois. I am shocked how it has been allowed and so many students are suffering, due to the lack of accountability from the school administration. Not only the state of Illinois should investigate District 88, but other schools in the state of Illinois that is in trouble due to lack of funding and misappropriation of the money.

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