Breaking: Maywood Aldi to Close Doors, Village Officials Say

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Thursday, December 8, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Aldi, the international discount grocery store chain, is closing its Maywood location at 215 Madison St., village officials announced during a community meeting held in Maywood today.

“We just received a notice yesterday,” said Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon during a community meeting held Thursday night at Kathy’s Cafe, 1008 S. 17th Ave.

“The reason they stated is because the store is underperforming,” he said. “But I truly believe that they knew they were leaving months ago. You just don’t make a decision in one day.”

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins, who was also in attendance at tonight’s meeting, confirmed the news. Brandon said that the grocery store chain, which has over 10,000 locations worldwide, owns the Maywood location on which it sits and that it plans to sell the property.

“What we can do is, and I’d encourage you all — come to the board meetings,” Brandon said to the half-dozen community members in attendance. “We have businesses at the table who want to move into Maywood. We have a grocery store at the table, but you guys have to be at the table as well and apart of the conversation.”

Brandon and Perkins didn’t specify how much longer the Maywood Aldi would stay open.

Aldi has at least three other locations within a 3-mile radius of Maywood, including stores in Bellwood, Melrose Park and North Riverside.

Aldi officials could not be contacted before this article was published. This story will be updated if and/or when the company comments on the matter. VFP

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11 thoughts on “Breaking: Maywood Aldi to Close Doors, Village Officials Say

  1. As a resident of Maywood for over 15 years, it is very sad to see the depressive state Maywood is in. Residents should not have to lose the only chain grocery store in the heart of the community. Every effort should be made to keep the the store that allows for fresh grocery and community shopping. Its certainly time for the Village officials to revamp and restructure the board, offer investment incentives, reduce taxes and develop a better economic plan for the town before it goes completely bankrupt and dismantled. Maywood offerd no attractions to its residents or visitors. Maywood trustees need to draw new comers or develop initiatives to keep current business and residents from leaving. It’s a sad time and day!

    1. I agree with what you typed Ronia. What Trustee Isiah Brandon stated at the meeting in Kathy’s Cafe, that the residents of Maywood need to attend the town hall meetings, get involved, and hold these board elected officials accountable. It is disturbing that the village of Maywood has 23,000+ residents, and some are not wanting to participate and get involved with the events that is happening in Maywood. If the residents are going to keep this from repeating, that the village of Maywood is not going to be moving forward, and it is still going to be going backwards. There is no more excuses from beginning to end that the residents needs to be involved and hold these board members accountable. DON’T SAY DON’T DO NOTHING, TAKE ACTION!!

  2. It is very sad and shocking that the Aldi store is going to be closed. Aldi was very cheap and it help accommodate families that don’t have the money to shop at Jewel-Osco or other grocery stores that their prices are expensive. I remember my parents and I shopped that store all the time and saved a lot of money and was very accommodating during our financial difficult times. Aldi has been around ever since the Maywood Market on 5th Ave. and Washington Blvd. was closed down and it still looks like a vacant lot. Trustee Isiah Brandon is so right that the citizens of Maywood needs to attend these town hall meetings and hold these board officials accountable.

  3. The whole point of this is Aldi’s was convientant for people who couldn’t travel to Melrose park, Forest park, or Oak Park to get a decent quality of groceries that Aldi’s provided. You would see lots of people walking to and from Aldi’s with either Aldi’s plastic bag or their own. Aldi’s will be miss but its a must that it be replaced!

    1. True. Also, it helped a lot of residents of when the Maywood Market was shut down in 2006, and for ten years it still looks like a vacant lot. Also, it helped the citizens of Maywood way before the Maywood Market was opened.

  4. So now the Village of Maywood has officially become a food desert. This is a shame and just wrong on so many levels. As I sit here shaking my head, what does the village Board of Trustees have to say about this? When will the Board of Trustees get up off of their “do nothing” behinds and “DO SOMETHING”? They were elected to bring positive change to the village and all I see since the Yarbrough administration is lack, decrease and a complete falling off of services available in the village. The unfortunate fact is that most of the Board of Trustees of the Yarbrough administration held their seats and sat on every plan Mayor Perkins has tried to bring to improve the village. Enough is enough. It is time to bring the eternal light that is in the village logo to reality! It is time to turn on the light of change, remove those from the board who are doing nothing and get this village back to the level of prominence it once had. Every tax paying citizen in the village needs to start attending the Board meetings on Tuesdays and the LLOC meetings on the alternating Wednesdays. Let your voice be heard. No vote equals no voice. Election day is coming. It is time to send the do nothing trustees who are sitting on their do nothing behinds home to their own houses to sit and do nothing so those who want to see progress can get in place and get it moving!

    1. To Disappointed Maywood Homeowner: I definitely agree with what you typed! When I attended the town hall meeting last night at Kathy’s Cafe, what I found out that the village of Maywood has 6,000 residents that are registered to vote, compare to the population of 22,000+ residents. Something is not right, and it is time for the citizens of Maywood to really come to these town hall meetings, and come to the board of education meetings for Proviso Township District #209 for the three high schools. There is no excuses from the beginning to the end for residents not being involved. It is called “democracy!”

      1. Please get everyone to go to the next meeting and see first hand who is holding our village hostage there is a mayor who want progress and other who want profit for themselves….

      2. To Alice Staten: I have been telling a lot of residents in the village of Maywood to come to these town hall meetings and have your voice be heard. It is so devastating that some do not care, and that’s why things are not moving forward. Also, they need to come to the Board Of Education District #209 meetings for the Proviso Township high schools and town hall meetings too.

  5. Note: This was sent to all Village Officials

    I am a current resident of Maywood, I was born and raised here. I moved back here 2 years a ago and I feel like this is my home again. I am asking that you please do what ever you can to keep the Aldi Store OPEN. We need that grocery store. Yes there is a store in Bellwood, Melrose Park, and North Riverside. But this would be a great hardship for many residence of Maywood. The traffic alone Harlem, Mannheim, and North Avenue all are very congested streets even when driving would make life more challenging. The residents of Maywood need the convenience of having a grocery store in our own neighborhood.


    Thank you in advance for you help.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Blessings to all.

    S. Scott

  6. Friday, December 9, 2016 || By unknown writer 2

    SB Fuller, the Grandson
    (Mr. Martin Fuller. Casey) of Millionair,
    SB Fuller is seeking to open his corporate office maybe in Maywood. And possibly manufacturing. location on Madison St., hoping to connect with the village officials and meet with the community next meeting.
    “Looks like the Word is going around,” Bring Business Money to Maywood.
    “The owner wants to bring money and jobs to Maywood, stated by the owner of Fuller Products. “Mr. Casey wants to keep his Grandfather dream alive. He truly believe that Maywood is the place to be for growth.
    He needs to meet with Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins, to be in attendance at the future’s meeting.
    “We all need to come to the board meetings,” This is a business we need on the table because we want to move into Maywood. .”
    Maywood needs more Businesses.
    Tried to reach Mr. Martin F. Casey of comment.

    More to come about this story and will be updated if it is true or false.

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