A Brief Conversation with Broadview Mayoral Candidate Katrina Thompson

aKatrina Thompson.jpgWednesday, December 14, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 12/15/16

Last week, I had a phone conversation with Katrina Thompson, who recently announced her intentions to run for Mayor of Broadview in the April 4, 2017 election.

Thompson, 46, is running atop the Broadview People’s Party slate, which includes sitting Broadview trustee Kevin McGrier as its candidate for clerk and Verina Horn, former trustee Judy Abraham and current mayor Sherman Jones as its trustee candidates.

Thompson said her candidacy is the direct result of a binding referendum — which passed on Nov. 8 with 65 percent of the vote — that stated that “no person shall be eligible to seek election to or hold the office of Village President where that person has been previously elected to the office of Village President of the Village of Broadview for two (2) consecutive full four (4) year terms.”

The referendum, which effectively bans Jones for running for a third term next year, appeared on the ballot despite numerous attempts by the mayor’s supporters to persuade the courts to remove it. They argued that the measure was largely a personal attack on Jones by his opponents on the board. That it did not apply to any trustee positions, they said, bolstered their claims.

In our conversation, Thompson — a former Broadview Park District executive director, current library and trustee and the executive director of the West Humboldt Park Development Council — framed her candidacy largely as an effort to build on what she considers the achievements of Jones’s two terms.

First, what are your thoughts on the referendum that recently passed?

I think it got on ballot because there was no other way [for Jones’s opponents] to beat him with his record. He’s done some amazing things in Broadview under his leadership.

For instance, he turned our budget around and has hired more police and firemen. He has enhanced our public works department. Currently, he’s working on developing our Roosevelt Road corridor and establishing a communications policy for the entire village.

What’s your vision for Broadview?

Part of my vision is having an all-inclusive relationship with our residents and business owners, continuing the development of the Roosevelt Rd. corridor and implementing that communications piece so that we have an effective website, a newsletter and monthly meet-and-greets [among other forms of communication outside of our regular board meetings].

On the larger theme of her campaign

We’re doing this for our village. We want to save Broadview and make sure that we have wholesome and charismatic leadership that gives back to the community and that just cares about the people who pay property taxes in our village. We’re so divided right now. VFP

Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly identified Judy Abraham as a sitting village trustee. VFP regrets the error. 

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  1. Hello my name is Dennis Jones and I am a proud Broadview park District employee..The job doesn’t pay much…but I take pride in my work…I have a question…what can be done about our equipment we have to work with??None of the riding lawnmowers work..half of the regular lawnmowers won’t pick up grass..we have 5 parks..but Schroeder Park is kept up the best..its unfair to the entire community to only keep 1 park in excellent condition..im open for suggestions or if you would like I can be reached by phone..Im not complaining..I Thank God for my job everyday…I jus want to have the proper equipment to do the job correctly with Pride..
    Thank You
    Dennis Jones 773-567-3778

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