Victim of Dec. 23 Maywood Fire ID’d as 101-year-0ld Hattie Harper

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Firefighters at the home on the 2000 block of South 9th Ave. on Friday night. | ABC 7/Captured News 

Saturday, December 24, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

The victim of a Friday night house fire that happened on the 2000 block of South 9th Ave. has been identified as Hattie Harper, 101, according to Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley.

Firefighters were dispatched to the blaze at around 10 p.m., according to Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh.

“Upon arrival, firefighters discovered, and found themselves battling, a fire in the bedroom of a single family home,” Bronaugh said. “An older gentleman was rushed to the hospital, suffering from both burns and smoke inhalation.”

Firefighters said that the man, 73, was rushed to Loyola University Medical Center. His condition is so far unknown. Talley added that the man, who still hasn’t been identified, may have been trying to rescue his elderly mother from the blaze.

Bronaugh said that, while firefighters were extinguishing the fire, Harper’s body was discovered in a bedroom, where he believes the fire started.

“Although no official cause of the fire was named, foul play is not suspected in the origin of this fire,” the chief said.

Talley said that, although he doesn’t know with precision what caused the fire, Harper’s death still shows the necessity of numerous local resources in the lives of senior citizens, many of which — such as a service provided by Proviso Township that dispatches carpenters to help the elderly safely setup appliances — residents may not know about.

“I’m going to make sure a representative from the Township is at the next two MAPS [Maywood Alternative Policing Strategies] meetings,” Talley said.

Bronaugh added that Friday’s fire should reinforce how essential it is for residents to have fire and carbon monoxide alarms that are working properly.

In a statement released last month, Bronaugh said that, due to the winter season approaching, “we will soon find ourselves having to both initiate and maintain efforts to keep warm in our homes.”

The chief implored residents to “have present and operating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your place of residence. The devices are not expensive and can be found at local neighborhood stores. The presence and proper operations of both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can notify and protect residents from the devastation resulting from fire and carbon monoxide.” VFP

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2 thoughts on “Victim of Dec. 23 Maywood Fire ID’d as 101-year-0ld Hattie Harper

  1. This is a very sad day in Maywood for our senior to past away like this. I don’t like people who try to act concern for a senior after a tragedy, she was a pillar to our community an her son was taking care of this lovely lady. I would speak to her son in the day hours an he will always greet me with a smile, that smile would be such a proud smile. I knew why because his mom was still alive at 101 years old, that’s a blessing. I remember seeing ms Hattie on the back porch still sharp as ever, she is a honorable senior, keep her homecoming respectful. Please don’t show fake concern for Ms. Hattie. Love you

  2. Ms.Hattie we going to miss one of our icon of the community. Please don’t use Ms. Hattie homecoming for simple political convo, she deserve better. The neighborhood is going to miss you, Mayor can you name the corner street after Ms. Hattie.

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