Maywood Mayoral, Clerk and Trustee Candidates Officially File | Several Face Challenges

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Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins and Village Clerk Viola Mims. | File

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

With the Dec. 19 filing deadline having passed, the race for the three open trustee seats and one open mayoral seat on the Maywood Board of Trustees, in addition to an open village clerk seat, that will be up for grabs on April 4, 2017 has somewhat solidified.

Seven people filed the required documentation to run for mayor, including sitting Mayor Edwenna Perkins, who is seeking reelection; sitting trustee and former mayor Henderson Yarbrough; sitting first-term trustee Antonette Dorris; attorney Luther Spence; liquor commissioner Mary “May” Larry; community activist Quincy Johnson; and resident Kathy Travis.

Perkins, Johnson, Spence and Travis are all running as independents while Yarbrough is running atop the Maywood United Party slate, Dorris is running atop the Maywood Visionary Party slate and Larry is running atop the My Maywood slate.

While technically independent, Perkins is running in solidarity with three independent trustee candidates — Kimyada Wellington, Elijah Goodwin III and Rolando Villegas.

Yarbrough’s Maywood United Party includes sitting trustee Michael Rogers; former trustee Audrey Jaycox and businessman Antonio Sanchez as its three trustee candidates. Former District 209 school board member Readith Esther is the slate’s candidate for clerk.

Dorris’s Maywood Visionary Party comprises sitting trustee Melvin Lightford, businessman Joseph Wilson and realtor Drena Lanier as trustee candidates. Steven R. Smiley is the party’s candidate for clerk.

Larry’s My Maywood slate includes former trustee Marcius Scaggs, library trustee Tanya T. Butler and Sammie B. Rogers as its candidates for trustee. Sitting village clerk Viola Mims is running for reelection on the slate.

Randy Carter, a Maywood Public Library employee, is running as an independent candidate for trustee who said that he’ll run in solidarity with Spence.

Several of those candidates, however, face objections to their candidacies. Yarbrough was the first candidate against whom an objection was filed. Earlier this month, Maywood resident Linda Reedy filed a challenge against Yarbrough, claiming that his petition sheets were misleading because they included the date of the February Primary election.

Numerous other candidates face challenges as well. We’ll update this story once those are ferreted out. VFP

Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Mary “May” Larry’s name. VFP regrets the error. 

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2 thoughts on “Maywood Mayoral, Clerk and Trustee Candidates Officially File | Several Face Challenges

  1. All I need to say is that the residents of Maywood needs to really get involved, do their thorough research of which candidates they like to select to move the village forward. I am amazed that former mayor and current Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, Sr. officially filed to run. Also, residents need to come to the town hall meetings and hold these board members accountable on how to move the village forward.

    The village of Maywood is in a crisis! Vacant lots, food deserts, police department corruption, taxpapers dollars misappropriating to fund activities (Maywood Park District, Maywood Public Library, and etc.), and disinvestment of economic development. This should be a wake up call to the residents to get involved.

  2. Concern citizens of Maywood, let’s slam the door of Henderson Y fleccing our tax coffers for personal gain.

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