Breaking: Two Maywood Mayoral Candidates Removed from Ballot

Mayor race.jpgTuesday, January 3, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 6 p.m.

Two people who filed petitions to run for Mayor of Maywood in the upcoming April 4 election will not appear on the ballot after objections to their candidacies were upheld during local electoral board hearings today.

Objections to the candidacy of Quincy Johnson were upheld on the grounds that Johnson failed to “file a receipt for the filing of a Statement of Economic Interests in relation to his candidacy with the Maywood Village Clerk on or before Dec. 19.”

That objection, which was made by in separate challenges filed by Maywood residents Keith Moore and Reginald Lamont Featherston, Sr, was upheld unanimously by the three-person local electoral board that included Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins, Maywood Trustee Melvin Lightford and Maywood Village Clerk Viola Mims — all of whom are running for reelection.

Moore and Featherston, Sr. also both filed objections against Travis, claiming that she did not generate the minimum of 124 petition signatures required to run for mayor. Travis submitted fewer than four full pages of petition sheets. Each sheet allows for 15 signatures.

The board unanimously upheld that objection also. It was apparent from Travis’s candidate filing papers that she had far fewer than the minimum number of petition signatures required to get on the ballot.

Among the seven people who filed nominating papers to run for Mayor last month, only five remain, with Perkins, sitting trustee Antonette Dorris and attorney Luther Spence all facing objections.

Spence’s public hearing date has been extended to Jan. 13, since election authorities still need to count his signatures.

As of press time, objections to Perkins’s and Dorris’s candidacies had yet to be resolved. All of the objections were scheduled to be heard today.

Mayoral candidates Mary “May” Larry and Henderson Yarbrough are not facing any challenges. VFP 

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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Two Maywood Mayoral Candidates Removed from Ballot

  1. Now if ( un ) trustee Henderson remove him self from the ballot we can have a natural & fair election.

  2. Wow! I am shock that Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, Sr. wasn’t removed from the ballot. This sounds some shady stuff that is going on to run for mayor for the village of Maywood. The residents need to do their thorough research of selecting their candidates to make changes and have this village move forward.

  3. Remember when the Better Government Association ran an article about the “Maywood Machine” being back in power after Yarbrough Jr won the Trustee spot a few years ago? Yarbrough said in that article he had no thoughts or desire to run for Mayor again, Well, those of us who have common sense knew that was a big fat lie and sure enough we were right. While Yarbrough’s 8 years in office were marred by lies, fraud, millions of disappearing money out of our budget, and on and on, and he had Jason Erving as his hatchet man, does he think we are just plain stupid? Maybe some of you out there are stunned, but I’m certainly not! What is even more amazing is that the axiom that if you do the same thing over and over again, and expect something different to happen, this is the true definition of insanity. So if you apply it to Yarbrough being elected again, all we’re going to get is the same bull poop we had for 8 years (as well as for the past 4) and the same tired old Trustees saying and doing the same tired old things over and over again. Which means nothing will change and nothing will get done – and we will NOT have a racially-balanced board; no white or Hispanics have been on the board for years (Gary Woll doesn’t count – the is a reverse Oreo) if the same people get re-elected again and again. Maywood is going to disappear, maybe sooner than later, and runs a high risk of being absorbed into another town – like Melrose Park or Forest Park. We are coming close to not having what is required to be designated a village in the State of Illinois – we have to have a public library (ours has been privatized and given up by the village), a bank (Seaway is going to fold and leaves US Bank and who knows when they’ll give up the ghost and take off, and we have no grocery store. If the bank goes, we will lose home rule (which I am not a fan of), we will no longer qualify for State funding and will be ripe for bankruptcy or absorption into another village.

    So, folks, stop and think about this really carefully before you go and vote in April. And think about the definition on insanity …

    1. I definitely agree with what you typed. It is very shocking that some residents are not paying close attention to this local election. Someone told me that the residents of Maywood is 24,000+ and only 6,000+ voted. That don’t make no sense!

  4. I totally agree with The Maywood Watcher. And for those who may not have read the BGA article, here’s the link as to where the untrustworthy Henderson Yarbrough stated that he is not interested in running for the Mayor position in Maywood again.

    To the citizens of the village that are registered to vote–on April 4, 2017–GET OUT AND VOTE! Make sure the Yarbrough team is sent home on permanent vacation. We, the village citizens in Maywood, are still suffering the fallout from what was done under him for 8 years and now the options that were blocked since he was been an untrustee!

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