Breaking: Congressman Says He’s Not Attending Trump Inauguration

Congressman Danny K Davis

Thursday, January 19, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (7th) won’t be attending the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, according to a statement put out by the Congressman’s office today.

“After giving serious thought and consideration, I have determined to follow the recommendation of a majority of my constituents who have called,” Davis said in the statement, adding that 95 percent of the people who have called his office in relation to the inauguration have suggested that he not attend the event.

“It has always been my approach to follow the lead of my constituents except for one time that I recall when I didn’t,” Davis said.

The only time he went against a majority of his constituency’s wishes, he recalled, was when he voted for President Barack Obama’s first bail-out plan. He said that the economy was in such bad shape “that we needed it anyway; therefore, I voted for it.”

Davis said that the inauguration is “much more than a set of festivities.” He said that it should reflect the people’s values and and hopes, as well.

“I congratulate President Donald Trump and all of those who voted for him and look forward to working together to help make America a safer and more desirable place in which to living,” Davis said.

Davis joins 65 other Democrats in Congress who, as of today, have elected not to attend Trump’s inauguration, according to a report by ABC News. Other congressmen from the area who have decided not to attend the event include Rep. Mike Quigley (5th) and Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (4th). VFP

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