Four People Make the Final Cut to Run for Maywood Mayor

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Trustee Henderson Yarbrough, Liquor Commissioner Mary “May” Larry, Mayor Edwenna Perkins and Trustee Antonette Dorris are the four mayoral candidates who will appear on the ballot on April 4. | File

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Barring anyone withdrawing his or her candidacy, voters in Maywood will choose from a pool of four candidates vying to run for mayor in the April 4, 2017 municipal elections.

Incumbent Mayor Edwenna Perkins, sitting trustee and former mayor Henderson Yarbrough and sitting trustee Antonette Dorris all survived challenges to their nominating papers and will appear on the ballot. Liquor Commissioner Mary “May” Larry, who is the only mayoral candidate who didn’t face an objection, will also appear on the ballot.

Two other mayoral candidates, Kathy Travis and Quincy Johnson, were removed from the ballot after objections to their candidacies were upheld earlier this month.

During the Jan. 23 local electoral board hearings where the last of the candidate objections were discussed, Attorney Luther Spence and trustee candidate Rolando Villegas were both removed from the ballot.

Ten candidates vying for the three open trustee seats on the village board will appear on the ballot, with three of those four running with parties.

The Maywood United Party includes Yarbrough as its mayoral candidate; sitting trustee Michael Rogers, former trustee Audrey Jaycox and businessman Antonio Sanchez as its three trustee candidates; and former District 209 school board member Readith Esther as the slate’s candidate for clerk.

According to numerous sources close to the candidate, Rogers is likely to withdraw from the race. The candidate himself will not yet confirm or deny the speculation. Candidates are required to formally file withdrawal documents with the village clerk’s office before they can leave the race. The deadline for filing those documents is Jan. 26.

So far, it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the party has found someone to replace Rogers if he withdraws.

The Maywood Visionary Party includes Dorris as its mayoral candidate; sitting trustee Melvin Lightford, businessman Joseph Wilson and realtor Drena Lanier as its trustee candidates; and Steven R. Smiley as the party’s candidate for clerk.

The My Maywood Party includes Larry as its mayoral candidate; former trustee Marcius Scaggs, library trustee Tanya T. Butler and Sammie B. Rogers as its trustee candidates; and sitting village clerk Viola Mims as its candidate for clerk.

Kimyada Wellington, who is running as an independent, joins Perkins as the only two candidates remaining from the People’s Choice Party — an informal slate of all independent candidates.

The slate’s two other trustee candidates, Villegas and Elijah Goodwin, who withdrew from the race earlier this month, will not appear on the April ballot. The slate’s candidate for clerk withdrew not long after the slate was formally announced last year.

There are no independent candidates running for village clerk. This story will be updated to include candidates for other taxing bodies, such as park district, library district and local school boards. VFP

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One thought on “Four People Make the Final Cut to Run for Maywood Mayor

  1. All I can say is that I hope that the citizens really do a thorough research of the candidates that are running for Mayor of Maywood. I hope and pray that Henderson Yarbrough, Sr. doesn’t win and be mayor again, since his tenure, his ideas has brought the village down.

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