Maywood Looks to Appoint New Code Enforcement Hearing Officer

Pamela Reaves-Harris and Victor E. Puscas. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

At a Feb. 1 Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted to move a resolution to the next board meeting approving an independent contractor agreement for Victor E. Puscas.

Puscas would replace Pamela Reaves-Harris as the new administrative hearing officer who presides over the village’s Ordinance Enforcement Department, the body responsible for adjudicating parking tickets, traffic tickets, fines and other local code violations.

Puscas, who was selected to fill the position from a pool of among several interested candidates, would operate as an independent contractor on an at-will basis. His pay will be set at $150 an hour.

Puscas is an attorney with the Aurora-based law firm Camic Johnson, Ltd., whose practice includes the areas of civil and criminal litigation, family law and corporate collections. Since 1998, Puscas has presided over administrative ordinance hearings in numerous municipalities. His resume is below. VFP

Scope of Hearing Officer Services 

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 11.19.11 PM.png

Victor E. Puscas Resume

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2 thoughts on “Maywood Looks to Appoint New Code Enforcement Hearing Officer

  1. Now all we have to do is start ENFORCING Codes; its been pretty lax the last few years, and it shows in dilapidated, occupied properties all around the Village

  2. TM, agree with you whole-heartedly. So many houses in my neighborhood and all over the village are becoming dangerous because they are disintegrating and have yards full of rusted cars and other junk. I want to know WHO is going to enforce our codes!!! If you can’t do the job, whoever you are, quit – and Maywood can try to find someone who has a good work ethic and refuses to be bribed … our old, departed buddy, Tony Thomas, had a very large hand that came out palm up when he came to inspect various projects for me – measured things with an upside down ruler and said they were 1/4 inch off but that it could be overlooked – palm still out and wiggling. How do you thing he could afford those beautiful suits he wore?

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