Proviso East Legend Doc Rivers: ‘Without Bill Russell, I’m Not Coaching’

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Wednesday, February 22, 2016 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews

Maywood native and Proviso East basketball legend Doc Rivers delivered a shout-out to Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell for an inspiring video produced by the NBA for Black History Month.

Most people think of Bill Russell as this great winner, and he was,” Rivers says. “I don’t think people realize all the things that he pioneered. He stood up in times when it was very hard to stand up.”

That’s not a surprising perspective coming from Rivers, who hasn’t hesitated to stand up himself on some critical contemporary issues, like that time he chimed on the Colin Kaepernick protests (the Orange County Register’s story — click here — on that stance is worth reading again).

See the NBA’s roughly minute-long clip hereVFP

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One thought on “Proviso East Legend Doc Rivers: ‘Without Bill Russell, I’m Not Coaching’

  1. Doc had a true trailblazer protester in his family Mr. Jim Brewer, one of our native superstars. Mr. Brewer protest in the olympic game with Dough Collins.Doc was taught an showed how to be a stand up guy by his father and relative. His Dad was the most humble man I have known growing up in Maywood. Doc Dad coached baseball behind the police station. He taught the kids in the community to be real men. Grady showed young men how to stay humble an never change due to your family success, when Doc became famous his Dad continue working on the community people lawnmowers. Grady protested against the starship of his son and stayed true to the community and Jim Brewer return to the community an remain local, these are true protesters. They believed in they community with all they heart an took a stand for what made them successful “Maywood”. If we could get the new leadership to protest against this wickedness and selfishness and return back to our true trailblazers, it would be awsome.

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