Letters: Why I Am Supporting Antonette Dorris for Maywood Mayor

Letter to the EditorWednesday, March 1, 2017 || LETTERS || @maywoodnews

I have been asked many questions as to why I am supporting Toni Dorris for Mayor.  The answer that I throw back at them is “Why not” Toni Dorris.

Toni was former mayor Henderson Yarbrough’s executive assistant for 7 years. She single-handedly restructured and organized the mayor’s office and turned it into an approachable, professional and inviting place to conduct business, submit a complaint or offer a suggestion.

If you had an issue or complaint Toni would have a resolution for that issue taken care of and followed up within the week.  The village’s 17 volunteer commissions could conduct their business, have flyers drawn up and important documents signed by the mayor and mailed off in an expedited manner. If you needed something done and you gave it to Toni, you could rest assured that it was taken care of in her capable hands. 

Toni was also the liaison for the Special Events Commission for six years and she assisted me with establishing partnerships and collaborations with businesses like Walmart, Michael’s Craft store, Walgreens, Comcast, Blick Art Supplies, Aetna Plywood, DePaul University, West Town Museum of Cultural History, Cook County Forest Preserves, Chicago Trolley, District 89, Proviso Township High Schools, P.A.E.C. school, local churches and various community organizations where none existed. 

Together she and I, along with the Special Events Commission, were able to create and implement seasonal events for the entire community from 100 to 2500 residents. We also provided community service hours to over 500 Maywood youth since 2008.  

Toni’s determination, hard work and her ability “to think outside of the box” has given her a much-needed approach to just “get things done.”

Toni would also inform the village manager to make the village staff be held accountable for doing their jobs, especially for our residents who have had difficulty trying to get their issues heard and resolved at village hall, some of the department heads didn’t like to see Toni coming to their office. 

Since Toni has been our Executive Director at the Maywood Park District she has overhauled the day to day operations, created a website and our first ever mailed newsletter that highlighted our activities and programs.

Toni has also established partnerships with Triton College, Benedictine University, State Senator Lightford, District 89, District 209, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, Vision of Restoration and many others to bring vital resources and educational programming to our park district.

Toni does not have a personal agenda and is very thorough, honest; detail oriented and has this town’s best interest at heart. One thing about Toni, you don’t just see her during election time, you see Toni throughout the community — working on various projects and helping others.  Toni brings a much-needed youthful viewpoint of revamping this town and bringing it to the next level.

I encourage you all to do your homework when selecting a mayor for this town. Some of the other candidates don’t have proven track records of successful implementation and being able to bring resources to our community. They don’t know anything about the inner workings of village government, how to establish collaborations and create longstanding partnerships.

In order to change this town, more people need to step up and get involved! Maywood is a town of 22,000-plus residents and less than 2,500 people vote. That is sad and unacceptable.

If everyone in our town voted and was heavily involved in our youth, school districts, park district, and village government we would be an active, viable community with excellent village services. Maywood would already have implemented a thriving economic development community that has brought jobs to our town.

Once that happens our property values would increase and the negative stigma about Maywood would be erased and nonexistent. I and some of the residents in this town are looking for a different mindset and also someone to take Maywood to the technology-driven age.  For all of the above reasons that I have stated, this is why I support Toni Dorris as my candidate for Mayor of Maywood.

— Dawn Rone, Maywood Park District Commissioner 

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6 thoughts on “Letters: Why I Am Supporting Antonette Dorris for Maywood Mayor

  1. It’s a shame Toni Dorris is telling folks she has an MBA but it is from a diploma mill. That type of “outside the box” thinking will not help our village. As the writer of the letter says, do your homework and find an honest candidate for mayor.

  2. I have some question…

    Q:) How come the Maywood Park District main building on 9th Ave. and Madison St. still looks vacant? I remember that the state of Illinois awarded $2 million to revamp the main building. Where did the money go?? Also…

    Q:) How come there are not good programs in parks and recreation centers to keep the youth in the village of Maywood off the streets?

    I also recall that the Maywood Park District’s payroll data had been breached. And, also there was some fishy situations of “funny” business at the Park District.

    Can someone answer my question!

  3. Where is this newsletter you wrote about? I have not seen it yet.
    I understand as a Park District Commissioner you would support the Executive Director and you write a letter that makes Toni Dorris sound like a stellar candidate however I’ve had conversations with Ms. Dorris and instead of focusing on what she has to offer and bring to the table she has always slandered those holding offices. Ms. Rone, you make it seem as if Ms. Dorris was running the Mayor’s office single-handedly without the Mayor. My impression of Ms. Dorris has been that she is hard to work with. She disrespects the current Mayor during the board meetings. How will her position as Executive Director be affected if she is voted in to office? I, myself, find it a conflict for her to be a sitting Trustee and the Executive Director.

  4. Updated IMANN says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 2, 2017 at 12:51 PM
    It’s A SHAME Arshad, that you would discredit many residents who hold the same credentials from an online university due to adult life obligations. The position DOES NOT require a degree! However, putting politics first instead of people like Karen A. Yarbrough, and others. Toni has a proven track record of putting PEOPLE over politics!

  5. Having or not having a degree is not the issue. But buying a degree from a diploma mill is fraud – fraudulently representing to the world that you have something you didn’t really work for. It’s as bad as Mary Larry and her so-called PhD from some Bible-study school. Anyone with a real PhD would be able to spell and write a well-crafted sentence which Ms. Larry did NOT in her “why I should be elected mayor of Maywood” tome on this website. And to mention how much self-sacrifice she has done for this and that sure isn’t my idea of a humble, God-fearing person. People who are truly self-sacrificing don’t go advertising it in public.

    1. Why is ANYONE shocked by the inept caliber of candidates? This has gone on for years. No spirit of excellence, class and academia at all. It’s really bad when even church folks who are candidates are misrepresenting themselves by using unearned degrees as a way to elevate themselves. If this position does not require a degree, then why mention the unearned classroom degree at all? Also, that retort to Arshad, who is SPOT ON, only proves his point! I need to move back to Maywood and bring excellence and class to the office; my earned accounting degree and earned theology degree, both from an accredited university.

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