Upcoming Forums in Maywood Will Bring Voters Face-to-Face with Candidates


Thursday, March 9, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews || Updated: 3/10/17

A slew of forums in the coming days and weeks ahead of the April 4 elections will allow Maywood voters to connect with candidates running for various governing bodies in the village and Township.

Interfaith Illinois Inc. will host a forum on Saturday, March 11, 8:30 a.m., at Proviso Baptist Church, 1116 S. 5th Ave. in Maywood. The religious organization is chaired by former Proviso Baptist pastor and PLCCA founder Bishop Dr. Claude Porter.

For more information on this event, call (708) 397-6944.

The Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization, Maywood Chamber of Commerce, the Maywood-Proviso Rotary Club and Maywood Toastmasters will host will host forums on Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19.

Both events will be held at the Quinn Community Center, 1832 S. 9th Ave. in Maywood, from 3 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

The schedule for both days follows:

Saturday, March 18

  • 5:15  | School District 209
  • 4:20 | School District 89
  • 3:50 p.m. | Maywood Park District
  • 3 p.m. | Maywood Park District

Sunday, March 19

  • 3 p.m. | Maywood Village Clerk
  • 3:50 p.m. | Maywood Village President/Mayor
  • 4:45 | Maywood Village Trustees

Volunteers are needed from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. on both days. If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact Vicki Haas, forum committee chair: victoriahaas@cs.com or (708) 289-7105.


The Village Free Press and Wednesday Journal will co-host a forum featuring District 209 school board candidates. The event is tentatively scheduled for either March 21 or March 22 and is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. A definitive date and a location will be determined shortly.

The Village Free Press will host a forum for candidates running for Maywood mayor, trustee, clerk, library board, and park district board seats on Saturday, April 1, 11 a.m., at the Maywood Public Library, 121 S. 5th Ave. in Maywood. An agenda for this event will be finalized and released soon.

If you know of any candidate forums, or similar informational events regarding the upcoming April 4 election (whether in Maywood or surrounding suburbs: Bellwood, Broadview, Melrose Park and Stone Park), please email us at thevillagefreepress@gmail.com. The events must not be sponsored by any political committees or parties with candidates running in races. 

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7 thoughts on “Upcoming Forums in Maywood Will Bring Voters Face-to-Face with Candidates

  1. Clarification: The forums at The Quinn Center on March 18 and 19 are hosted by: Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NoMCO), Maywood Chamber of Commerce, Maywood-Proviso Rotary, and Maywood Toastmasters. Forum times are from 3-6:30 both days. The schedule for both days follows: Saturday, March 18, 2017: 3:00 – Maywood Park District, 3:50 – Maywood Park District, 4:20 – School District 89, 5:15 – School District 209; Sunday, March 19, 2017: 3:00 – Maywood Village Clerk, 3:50 – Maywood Village President/Mayor, 4:45 – Maywood Village Trustees.
    Please note the start time for the forums is 3:00 p.m., not 2:00, and the correct address for The Quinn Center is 1832 South 8th Avenue (9th Avenue is the Center’s mailing address only).
    Volunteers are needed from 2:00 – 7:00 both days. If you would like to volunteer, please contact: Vicki Haas, Forum Committee Chair, victoriahaas@cs.com, or call: 708-289-7105.

    1. Sorry for misprint: Saturday, March18, the first panel of candidates is 3 p.m. for Maywood LIBRARY District, followed by the Park District, then District 89, and District 209.

  2. Alright! Let the games begin. Now, it is time for the residents of the village of Maywood to attend these forum debates and ask the candidates questions that is concerning as a resident that are taxpayers. There should be no excuses!

  3. I sure hope questions get posed to the candidates as to why the village continues to be allowed to look the way it does, ie–lack of Code Enforcement on many many properties that has gone on for years and over numrous administrations. There was a lot of chatter and comments a few days ago regarding this in a previous article. We have to get Maywood looking better if we ever want to see the town improve and get more investment…properties that have turned into junk yards, too many absentee landlords, inappropriate/illegal property conversions into multi-units, etc. Someone in power has to demand and end to this and get properties cleaned up so all the responsible homeowners and residents can benefit from a community to be proud of

    1. I definitely agree with what you typed. I was looking at the questionaire that The Village Free Press sent to the candidates that are running for the mayor of Maywood, and didn’t see anything. I am hoping that the forum that happened this morning, that residents asked questions of what you typed.

  4. TK: Code Enforcement is one of my top priorities and I have shared the same with the Village Manager. I know that many of the vacant properties that have been abandoned by citizens who were under water are of particular concern. Some of these properties are what we called “zombie properties” – that is properties that once a homeowner gets a foreclosure notice; they abandon the property and it remains in limbo until the bank does the actual foreclosure. This can take years and it is happening all over the country. While many of them have been leined by us, the village simply cannot use our workforce to address all of the vacant properties owned by private residents. On the subject of illegal conversion, please help the village by reporting illegal property conversions to the village manager to allow him to take the proper steps.

  5. TK, HYARBRO7, and CONCERNED PROVISO TOWNSHIP RESIDENT: You have hit the nail on the head! I fear Willie Norfleet will not do a damned thing about illegal conversions and falling-down houses and other deteriorating buildings. Remember who the Village Manager reports to – The Board of Trustees! And what have THEY done to help Maywood! NOTHING! NADA! And Norfleet can say all he wants about there not being enough code enforcement officers to do the job they are paid to do. You have to look at the head of code enforcement, David Flowers, and ask yourself what the hell is he doing to make Maywood a better place to live and you come up with the same answer: NOTHING! NADA! Honestly, there is not a soul that is running for any of the Trustee positions or even for Mayor that I would vote for – all the former and sitting Trustees have skeletons in their closets from their previous tenure and know where the bodies are buried. And how did Wilder get “slipped” into the spot vacated when Mike Rogers withdrew? Did he have a petition that was verified by the Election Board? We residents WANT TO KNOW. Yarbrough’s plan is to get elected and then have Melvin Lightford resign so he can put another of his crack-pot cronies into the vacancy without even “running” for office. THAT AGAINST THE LAW! It’s also fraud. And NONE of the candidates have given any explanation of HOW they are going to achieve their “vision” for the Village. Very problem must have a solution or it is still and will remain a problem forever.

    Even IF Maywood began to look better from the perspective of no more run-down properties and abandoned buildings, the physical infrastructure of the Village – water lines, sewers, etc. have to be fixed for people who live in Maywood NOW. Until this gets fixed playing the old saw for having a grocery store is crazy – I’m tired of hearing about it. I’d rather hear that Maywood will go after Jason Ervin and Yarbrough Sr. for all the monies that were misappropriated and embezzled while they were Siamese Twins for a lot of years…joined at the hip. And the water debacle? There are a lot more hands in the pie than you think. Like who in Yarbrough’s office was authorized (or not) to sign the Mayor’s name when he wasn’t there? Just think about that for awhile.

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