Maywood Housing Authority to Open Waiting List for Housing Vouchers in May

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Photo: Chicago Housing Authority 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews

The Maywood Housing Authority is inviting the public to the opening of the HCV waiting list (formerly known as Section 8) application process. Those interested in applying should note that the online application will not be accessible until May 1. (You can go to the application landing page by clicking here).

The online application is “Android and iPhone compatible only.” Applicants are encouraged to read all pages in the application process.

“You will be able to apply android device, but please make sure that you are using the most current version of Google, and that you are using the most current of the in-app browser on your device,” according to a flyer released by the Housing Authority.

Individuals without computers, iPhones or android phones can go to the following locations where space is provided (note that space at all of these locations are limited):

  • Maywood Public Library, 121 S. 5th Ave., Maywood | Monday – Wednesday: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday/Thursday: 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • PLCCA, 411 Madison St., Maywood | Monday – Thursday
  • Vision of Restoration, 1221 Madison St., Maywood | Monday – Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Spanish Coalition for Housing | 1922 N. Pulaski, Chicago
  • Latin United Community Housing Association | 3541 W. North Ave. in Chicago
  • La Casa Norte, 3533 W. North Ave., Chicago
  • Korean American Association of Chicago | 5941 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

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137 thoughts on “Maywood Housing Authority to Open Waiting List for Housing Vouchers in May

    1. Yes I am how do I going by doing that?????? You can reach me at 77-398-7452 my name is Dallas Daniels

    2. I have a boyfriend and a baby by him and we need a big space and room and bath tub kitchen living room and a nice back yard I need 4 rooms

    3. I am a 55-year-old woman, my kids are all grown and living their own lives. I don’t have anywhere to stay. I am living from one place to another sleeping on couches, floor etc…I just need a place where I can stay and call my own.

  1. Hi my name is cathy whitfield i looking for a three bed room i have two children boy and girl devell smith he 15 year old ivy baker she 11 year old and i looking for a apartment. Soon ass possible. Thank you. My number is 3126370310

    1. am a single mom living in safe Haven with a dcfs case n I need help of get apartment getting on the waiting list will be helpful any little help will be a bless but if you can’t have a bless one an be safe out here

    1. My name is Ray i have an apartment you may be interest in .email me at( ).utilities are included, i have a 1st and 2nd floor available .The apartment located kostner and augusta .7734180195 give me a call crystal lane

      1. Hi my mom n I are looking for a place I can be reach at 773-957-4366

  2. Hi my name is Debra I’m a single parent with a 6 year old and I’m also pregnant I need a 2 bed room asap… I’m very much to myself I love my peace and I love the safety for my family

  3. Hi my name is stacey adams im single 45yrs of age kids are grown so i looking for a 1bdrm can you please keep me informed when waiting list is open thank you

  4. Great, just what Maywood needs–more people on section 8 vouchers. This should raise up the standards of home ownership around the community

  5. Hi my name is Lisa hatten looking for a 3 bedroom I have 3 lil boys age 8yr old 3 yrs old 1 yrs old it will be a blessing if I can get help

  6. I will love to live Maywood housing Authority I was living in housing in Rockford Illinois I move to Minnesota for a better life for me and my daughter.i am looking for a never city l will love to live I Maywood. Thank you

  7. Hi my name is Clarissa Harrison I looking for low in come housing I have a baby on the way and I get Ssi it hard for me to get place I need help with two bedroom apartment I try get apartment can you please help me my number you can reach me 310 242 3177

    1. need help looking for a place I’m a realtor in the Chicago land area can and can help with your search give me a call 7082884184

  8. I am homeless a mother of 2 I have an income I really would like to have my own for my kids

  9. Good afternoon, This would be A Dream Come True if I’m Selected for Section, I’ve Applied So Many Times and Never Once Got Selected Why I don’t know But God…. I just Pray that Me And My Two Kids 4yrs and 8yrs old Could have a Chance to experience Being apart of The Section 8 Program. My home will be Well taken care of!!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾for this to happen for US

    1. Hello good afternoon my name is Teresa Taylor i have 2 children im looking for a 3bedroom

  10. Looking for 2 bedroom..willing to move from minnesota ..need to be closer to my family..

  11. My NAME is Dorothy I Have 3 Small Children raginging From Ages 4-7 And I’m looking for a 3 Bdrm house and Maywood Would be the place I’ll love to call home for my family!!!

  12. Hi I’m lashonda and I’m look for 2bdrm can you please keep me inform thank you Amen

  13. My name is Rosie Cruz and am disable and lookin for an 3 bedroom ..1 for me ..2 for my boys and 1 for my daughter…please Help………

  14. Hi,My Name is Sharese Smith A Single Mother of Two Children My Daughter Morgan 8 and My Son Austin 3yrs old and I’m seeking a 3bdr Apartment safe for Me and My Family. I keep to myself I don’t have traffic in and out of my home . I would Love Anything More then To have the experience of having Section 8 Please Thank You For All Help😀

  15. My name is Vernon Smith. I’m a62yr. Old single parent with a16yr. Old daughter. We desperately need subsidized housing. I am disabled with the only source of income being Ssi disability. We are staying from pillar to post. We need a place of our own… My phone number is (312) 723-3791 anytime. Thank you.

  16. I agree, no more section eights. They bring the property values down. I’m sorry there are so many single mothers out there, who don’t work or won’t work, but that does not give them the right to just get something for free. NO MORE SECTION EIGHTS. I am a single mother and work hard to support my family and two children, no more free handouts.

  17. Hi my name is Debra Hernandez I have 6 kids 2 girls and 4 boys I really need to find some thing big fom family some were safe for my family it will be blessing if ucan help my family

  18. Hi my name is Debra Hernandez I have 6 kids 2 girls and 4 boys I really need to find some thing big fom family some were safe for my family it will be blessing if ucan help my family1-312-451-3239

  19. I am interested an getting housing help im a single mother of one n is in desperate need of help.

  20. My name is crystal wallace, I’m looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in Maywood,bellwood, or broadview.


    1. need help looking for a place I’m a realtor in the Chicago land area can and can help with your search give me a call 7082884184

  22. Hey my name is Keiondra Brown I am a teen parent that’s looking to put a roof over me and my one year old daughter head I’m working and have a car to travel

  23. My mom is looking for a 3 of 4 bed room apartment. For her my dad my two brothers (1disabled) and my little sister. They have a service dog

  24. Single dad looking for a 2 bedroom. Me and my little girl need a place to stay. I am working but need help

  25. hello my name is kiera wrice im looking for a 3 bedroom my contact number 773-969-2501.. i have 4 girls age range from 15-newborn

  26. 19year Single mother of 1 looking for a 2 bed room please help willing to move from Chicago

  27. Brianna I am looking for a 3 bedroom house or apartment. I have 4 children ages 11- 1 month

  28. Hello im toshiba flowers im a domestic violence surviver. I have 2 children diamond11 an son Jadakiss 8. I am living in a DV shelter trying to start over an find me a low income housing.please give me a call 312-837-8626looking for 3 bdrm.

  29. Hi my name is Aisha Autrey i’m a single mother of six children and my oldest has a disability i need help struggling to pay rent i need help.

  30. Good morning I’m looking for a 3 bedroom. By any Chance do you have the time they will open the doors May the 1st. Thanks in advance enjoy ur day.

    1. need help looking for a place I’m a realtor in the Chicago land area can and can help with your search give me a call 7082884184

  31. Anyone need help looking for a place I’m a realtor in the Chicago land area can and can help with your search give me a call 7082884184

  32. I am renting from Heartland Alliance, I have an apartment at Town Hall Apartments on 3600 North Halsted. It’s a studio apartment. I am a single male looking for a one-bedroom apartment. I am interested and your apartment.

  33. The housing list was suppose to open 05/01/2017 are you assumed I would be a midnight unfortunately that is not the case, because it’s still close

  34. Hey you guys my name is Latefer Conner & Iam a young Mother with 2 kids & Iam trying to see my kids grow up & this a nice area to live in

  35. What time does the application actually open because when it goes to the site it says its closed

  36. A mother of two and we been from house to house to long how do I feel this out

  37. I’m a single mom of three I was trying to fill out the application for Section 8 for the Maywood housing and it’s not letting me fill out the application I’m trying to see if it time that the application is going to be open thanks.

  38. Single mother of 2 and expecting another im looking for a 3 bedroom for my kids and myself.

  39. Hello my name is Neelo Bynum I’m looking for a two bedroom. My contact number is 3129780982.

  40. Hi my name is Joetta Spencer! How do I go by getting section 8 and where do I sign up at you can reach me at 773-814-9819 I receive SSI DISABILITY

  41. I am a single mother with 3 kids n one on the way looking for 3 bedrooms my girls are 6 n my son is 7 n my name Dominique Jordan my number 7086555824

  42. My name is Maria Robinson 44 years of age currently looking for Three bed room.. two daughter and grandson age of 2.. Often with his dad occupation massage therapist 773-712-3618

  43. hello I’m 19 years old currently homeless have been for the past 3 years just looking for a 1 bedroom.

  44. I’ve lived at the same address for the last 15 yrs,and the place before that I lived there for 10 yrs I’m on disability and my Husband retired we have lots grandchildren and we are Christians please consider me God bless who ever reads this. Thanks Priscilla Young.

  45. I never got excited for section 8 every time I reply I don’t get accepted I just pray to God I get dis crib 4 my kids..

  46. I already have housing authority thanks Iowa but no thanks so boring out there like u live on different planet and it didn’t take long to get it two months I’m loving my apartment next year a house

  47. Hello I’m Tischica Mabrey a single mom of 4 in need of a place and housing please help

  48. Hi my name is Sharon king adams I’m retired and married and have a sister that is mentally challenged. I would Love to Have A Single Family Home. So I can do my laundry,I had knee replacement surgery. My Sister attends a work shop. I’m Praying that I Would Get A Beautiful Home And That God Will Bless Me And My Family With This.

  49. A single dad with a graduating teenager and a bundle of joy on the way. Looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment so that I can start a better foundation for my family.

  50. My name is Julia and I am disabled I cannot afford to pay for rent for one bedroom with an SSI check

  51. I’m a 22 year old single mom with a 2 year son and it’s tuff finding work in a job in the city of chicago but im looking into going back to school to further my education and my career i just need a stabilize home to stay instead of me in my child bouncing from house to house


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