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Letter to the EditorFriday, March 24, 2017 || LETTERS || @maywoodnews

As we move closer to Election Day, it’s time to really start examining our choices for leadership within our community. Though I am an elected official, I consider myself a resident who is serving his community, which I did before I ever became an “elected official”.

I detest “politics” but I do love seeing my community, its services, and its citizens prosper. I took office with an eye on that prosperity for our current and future citizens. I had our community in mind when I decided to accept this position I was entrusted to by you.

Broadview is 1.78 square miles and home to approximately 8,000 residents. In comparison, Maywood is 3 square miles and home to 24,000. Westchester has 17,000 residents within its 4 square miles. As you can see, Broadview is a relatively small village, in comparison to our neighbors. Even though we are the smaller village, we make up for it with our huge hearts, enthusiasm and goals for our community. We should be firing on all cylinders together! It has been my privilege to serve as one of your Broadview Park Commissioners for these past eight years. Unfortunately, a big drawback is being surrounded and sometimes engaged in the “politics” of the position.

I have had a front row seat to see what the common resident doesn’t get to see. Theatrics aside, I witnessed the depreciation of our great village. Strides were made from our dark times when we had to lay off loyal public service personnel, but we are still stagnant.

Reports of progress can’t be seen as we all ride down Roosevelt Road and other streets with all the vacant lots occupying our town. There has been infighting and slander thrown around by some of the very candidates on the ballot as we speak. How all of our taxing bodies weren’t on one accord. The school, library and park all seemed to have an agenda of progress and growth.

The village concentrated its efforts on BLOCKING any growth and prosperity these entities tried to gain. Working relationships were cosmetic at best. The questionable ties that were alleged between our village and the strip club, along with the millions we are spending to fight what may have been agreed upon in a backroom deal.

Election after election, we continue to allow this type of “business” to continue. Thinking that your vote doesn’t make a difference. You see it does, very much so in fact, that if we all vote things will change. You can count on those who benefit from “big city politics” in our beautiful village to make sure they squeeze every vote out they can. Every election we listen to empty promises from people who profess the highest integrity, character, faith and family values.

Now the saying goes “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. My elected position is the only thing that causes me to be a resident of the same glass house.

Those of us that walk the walk can attest to the challenges of attempting to fulfill the duties of our elected seats. It’s definitely challenging. Yet the small majority is determined to keep us playing these “big city politics.” What is there to prosper in it for our community? Apparently, not much unless we’re in the business of vacant lots. What are they gaining from it… money? Ego? Personal gain?

We have candidates who seem to jump all over our elected seats each year. Seems like they never complete any goals relevant to our community. Did they even have a vision? Personally, I can’t see constantly giving a seat to someone who hasn’t shown me anything.

Most involved in this election have a body of work on display for all to see. Don’t allow them to take credit for tasks they didn’t complete or realize. Just look for yourselves citizens! It’s time to stop electing politicians who constantly make these ill-advised decisions and aren’t held responsible for when they are wrong.

As residents, it’s time we ask the hard questions of our leadership about the direction and progress of the village? Are we all resigned to sit idle while we constantly allow the same type of politics to run our village (into the ground) year in and year out? Let me remind you of another saying… “He who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything”.

Are we ready to stand as a village or will we continue to fall (fail)? It’s time to elect individuals who can create a network of relationships and values that do connect us, bind us, and build us together. It’s time to remove the politicians and replace them with a citizen that wants what we want and is truly vested in our community, our livelihood and our families. It’s time to take back our village and start anew.

In order to move our village forward it will take everyone to get involved. Won’t you help by being a catalyst for change? We will no longer accept the unacceptable. Let this be the last time we gripe, complain, and bemoan who others voted in because we sat back. Let’s come together and make a change for the better. The future of our village is depending on us now. I hope to see you on Election Day! Stay Blessed and take care! VFP

— Kelvin Mason, Broadview Park District commissioner 

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