County Commish Drops Off $250K Check in Maywood for 18th Ave. Improvements

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Maywood officials, Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Superintendent John Yonan and Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin (1st) pose with a blow-up check for $250,000. | Michael Romain /VFP

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

At a March 29 Legal, License and Ordinance Committee meeting, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin (1st) dropped off a $250,000 dummy check with the village’s trustee board. The funds will be used to pay for roadway improvements along 18th Ave., from Madison Street to Washington Blvd.

At a Dec. 20 regular meeting, Maywood Village Manager Willie Norfleet Jr. said that village officials were anticipating the funds, adding that the county was “highly considerate of Maywood.”

Village officials didn’t give any timeframes for the project, which totals $351,600. The village will pay all of the costs related to design and construction engineering, which amount to an estimated $101,600.

The work will include “the removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete curb and gutter and sidewalks, the installation of hot-mix asphalt pavement leveling binder and surface courses,” among other improvements, according to the text of the Intergovernmental Agreement.

The 18th Ave. improvement project amounts to one of three major roadway improvement projects the village could embark on this year. In December, the village board approved $240,000 worth of services related to street, sideway, driveway apron and drainage improvements, among others, made to 17th Ave., from Madison St. to Washington Blvd.

In January, the board approved $1.15 million worth of roadway improvements for streets on 19th Ave., Quincy St., 4th Ave. and Wilcox.

At Wednesday night’s LLOC meeting, Boykin was accompanied by Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Superintendent John Yonan.

When I came into this job two-and-a-half years ago, I asked folks how much money had each part of the [1st District] been receiving and that number was very, very low,” Boykin said. “Since we’ve been in [office], we’ve been able to get that number increased.” 

Yonan said that Boykin was putting it mildly, adding that the amount of money that was being directly allocated for roadway improvements in the 1st District was “pretty much zero,” before praising Boykin’s advocacy at county board meetings on behalf of communities like Maywood.

“This wouldn’t have happened without the village manager and his work, making sure he dotted all the ‘I’s’ and crossed all the ‘T’s’ and without the mayor and trustees’ support,” Boykin said, before praising Yonan for “transforming” his department.

“Nobody has done a better job at leading this agency than John Yonan,” Boykin said. “He’s always prepared and he runs a great, top-flight department.”

“Commissioner Boykin, many times when I’m up there appropriating millions of dollars, has raised his hand and said, ‘What’s my district getting,'” Yonan said, after also praising Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle for her focus on infrastructure improvements. “The answer was pretty much zero for his suburban communities.

“Under Commissioner Boykin’s leadership this is hopefully only the start of making public investments that are really significant … in Maywood,” Yonan said.

The Maywood Board of Trustees unanimously voted to move the IGA agreement solidifying the $250,000 grant to the next regular board meeting on April 4 for final approval. VFP

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  1. Q:) The question is will the $250,000 check will go directly towards the village of Maywood to make sure that they are going to make improvements on 18th Ave.? That is all that I need to know, before I believe the hype.

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