A Flood of Endorsements Announced by Maywood Candidates

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Maywood mayoral candidates at an April 2 forum hosted by the Village Free Press and held at the Maywood Public Library. | Shanel Romain/VFP

Monday, April 3, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

One day before the April 4 election, candidates for Maywood board seats are flooding social media groups and email inboxes with endorsement announcements. Below are some of the more prominent endorsements that candidates, and/or their parties, have announced over the last 48 hours (by the order in which they appear on the ballot).

Danny K. Davis has prominently announced a number of local candidates in numerous races. Davis endorsed the Maywood United Party, which comprises Trustee Henderson Yarbrough as its mayoral candidate, Readith Ester as its village clerk candidate, and Antonio Sanchez, Audrey Jaycox and Emanuel Wilder as its trustee candidates.

Davis also endorsed candidates in the Maywood park district, library board races, in addition candidates for District 89 and District 209 school board seats.

In numerous Facebook posts, Yarbrough also announced that Maywood United has been endorsed by Proviso Township Trustee Clarence Thomas, Maywood Park District Board President Arnettra Burnside and Maywood Park District Commissioner Bill Hampton.

Danny Davis endorsement

Mayoral candidate Mary “May” Larry recently announced that she was endorsed by Teamsters Local 700.


The Maywood Visionary Party, headed by Trustee Antonette “Toni” Dorris, has been endorsed by the state Sen. Kimberly Lightford (4th) and the West Suburban Journal, among other entities.

Trustee Melvin Lightford, (the father of Sen. Lightford), Drena Lanier and Joe Wilson are the party’s candidates for trustee. Steven Smiley is the party’s candidate for clerk.

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Dorothy BrownMayor Edwenna Perkins, who is running for reelection, and her slate of People’s Choice Party candidates (all of whom are technically independents), have been endorsed by Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

In addition to Perkins, People’s Choice candidates include trustee candidate Kimyada Wellington, library board candidate Sinaria Lee and John Rice, who is running for both park district and library district.

Wellington received an endorsement by Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon, who is chairman of People’s Choice. Brandon recently released the following statement on behalf of Wellington:

In a race that doesn’t have too much energy, one candidate stands out the most to me for village trustee, Kimyada Wellington. Kimyada served our country for 23 years serving tours in Afghanistan.

“Wellington is a strong advocate for veterans the community as a whole. Kimyada has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Wellington served as the president for the Garfield PTA, is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority. Maywood in order for us to create a strong and resilient community we need strong leadership. A leader that will understand the Importance of economic development. Wellington is uniquely qualified and service is part of her DNA.”

NOMCO Endorsements announced

In a statement released over the weekend, Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO) member Vicki Haas announced the organization’s endorsements and the process that led to them. Her full statement is below:

Following mid-March Maywood Candidate Forums which provided the community a good introduction to the candidates and issues, paid up members of Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization voted their endorsements, according to their by-laws. The by-laws specify that endorsements are only done in local nonpartisan elections, only members paid up at least 30 days before the forum can vote, and, here is the tough one with so many multiple candidacies (five for Mayor!!), to receive an endorsement, the candidate must receive at least 2/3 of those who are there, qualified and casting a secret ballot.

Here are the few, among many good candidates, who received NoMCO endorsements:

  • District 89: Regina Rivers
  • District 209: Sam Valtierrez and Rodney Alexander
  • Maywood President (Mayor): Henderson Yarbrough
  • Maywood Trustees: Antonio Sanchez
  • Library District: Jose Galarza and Connie Tapia

No endorsement was made for Village Clerk (although two candidates were close), nor for Park District.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons (March 18th and 19th), a crowd totaling over 150 candidates and citizens, mostly from Maywood, attended candidate forums at the Quinn Center of St. Eulalia Church for a total of over 8 hours to listen, discuss, and in some cases, vote regarding endorsements. The forums have been conducted every two years for decades in non-partisan local government elections. Sponsoring organizations this year included Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NoMCO), Maywood Chamber of Commerce, Maywood-Proviso Rotary, and Maywood Toastmasters. The planning committee included Chair, Vicki Haas, of NoMCO, Phyllis Clifton, of Maywood Chamber, Gary Woll, of Maywood Rotary, and Charisse Arrington of Maywood Toastmasters, who served as Moderator.

Saturday’s forums presented the candidates for Maywood Library District: Jose Galarza, Sinaria Lee, John Rice and Connie Tapia for 3 openings; Maywood Park District: Rakita Tanna and John Rice for 1 opening; and School Boards of Elementary School District 89: Veronica Bonilla-Lopez, Sally Alondra, Regina Rivers, and Kimberly Hopson for 3 openings, as well as Proviso High School District 209: Dan Adams, Teresa McKelvy, Amanda Grant, Arbdella (Della Patterson, Rodney Alexander, Jacqueline Walton, and Brian Cross for 4 openings.

Sunday’s forums presented candidates for the Village of Maywood: Mayor (President) (1 opening), Clerk (1 opening), and Trustees (3 openings). There were
three party slates, in ballot order, with the Maywood United Party led by Henderson Yarbrough (President), Readith Ester (Clerk) and Antonio Sanchez, Audrey Jaycox and Emmanuel Wilder (Trustees). The My Maywood Party is led by Mary Larry, clerk candidate Viola Mims, and for trustee: Marcius Scaggs, Tanya Butler and Sammie Rogers. The 3rd party is the Maywood Visionary Party led by Antoinette (Toni) Dorris, clerk Steven Smiley and trustees Melvin Lightford, Joseph Wilson and Drena Lanier. Finally, incumbent Mayor Edwenna Perkins is running on her own with one trustee candidate she has endorsed: Kimyade Wellington. VFP

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