Candidates React to Last Night’s Election Results on Facebook

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Trustee Henderson Yarbrough concedes to incumbent Mayor Edwenna Perkins on April 4. Perkins garnered 44 percent of the vote while Yarbrough garnered around 28 percent in a four-person race for mayor. | Mayor Edwenna Perkins/Facebook 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Some candidates running for numerous seats on village boards in Bellwood, Broadview Maywood and Melrose Park posted responses to the results of the April 4 election on Facebook.

We’ve compiled a few, along with Facebook photos, below:

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Katrina Thompson Election Night

After capturing around 45 percent of the vote, Katrina Thompson, pictured left, was elected Broadview’s mayor. She’s the first African American female mayor in the village’s history.

Thompson’s ticket, the Broadview People’s Party, also captured the three open trustee seats on the village’s board.



First-time candidates for trustee, Kimyada Wellington (who ran with the support of Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins) and Antonio Sanchez (who ran on the Maywood United Party ticket) were the two most popular trustee candidates in a field of 10 people who were running for three open seats. Incumbent trustee Melvin Lightford won his bid for reelection.

Facebook reactions_Antonio Sanchez

Facebook reactions_Kimyada Wellington_Phone

Facebook reactions_Yarbrough

3 thoughts on “Candidates React to Last Night’s Election Results on Facebook

  1. You’re right Henderson Yarbrough, democracy isn’t free. Nor is it for sale, the people’s will has been heard. The citizens of Maywood are counting the days until your corrupt trusteeship is over so you can stop road blocking the Mayor’s agenda for a more harmonious village. With the Mayor we have now we don’t have to worry about any backdoor deals that will enrich her. Pretty soon the voters in cook county will also show your crooked wife the door also. Then the both of you can take your illgotten gains and go away hopefully to federal prison.

    1. Chevey: Wow! People just want power and think that they are put on high pedestal to dictate the power of the residents of Maywood.

  2. You go Chevey! Congratulations to Mayor Perkins and to the new Trustees who I am counting on to bring fresh ideas, common sense and enthusiasm to the Board and the Village as a whole. Let’s remember what the Better Government had to say about the “Maywood Machine” being back.

    “Two years after Maywood voters ousted Henderson Yarbrough as mayor of the long-troubled western suburb, he’s back on the village board, winning a trustee seat in the April 7 election.

    Whether this is a positive development depends on who’s talking. Not surprisingly the current mayor, Edwenna Perkins – who defeated Yarbrough in 2013 and is part of an opposition or reform bloc – isn’t terribly happy.

    Henderson Yarbrough seems like a nice fella; he has a gentlemanly manner. But problems were pervasive under his rule. And critics viewed him as ineffectual, at best.

    The village’s finances on his watch were quite simply disastrous, with the police department at times not having enough money to gas up its squad cars. Not the greatest scenario considering Maywood’s severe level of crime.

    And that’s just for starters.

    This is how we put things in perspective in a 2012 Chicago magazine piece:

    “Maywood’s financial record-keeping has been so poor in recent years, it’s difficult to determine where all of the tax money ended up. Its police department, though small in size, has had staggering problems with corruption within the ranks . . . and development projects aimed at revitalizing the community’s hollowed economy have routinely withered.”

    “Presiding over the dysfunctional town is the political power couple of Maywood: Mayor Henderson Yarbrough and his wife . . .”

    And let’s remember the moment when Fox 32 went to his office to find out about all the Trustee expenses he approved and signed the checks to pay for … he looked like the deer in the headlights… and said he didn’t know anything!!!!

    And maybe NOW we might even be able to find who murdered Tom Woods and where all that money went when Jason Ervin was the Village Manager.

    Even if we don’t find out the answers to all these “mysteries” I have a glimmer of hope that we might see some tangible change come to a Village that has show by who they elected that we, the residents, DEMAND change!

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