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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Prom picBecause we believe in the integration of literacy and everyday life, the Village Free Press recently sponsored an essay contest open to all students in Proviso Township High Schools District 209 who plan on attending prom this year.

The idea was to get students writing and thinking critically about an important milestone in their lives. Earlier this month, we released the essay prompt and a panel of judges evaluated the dozens of entries that came in before narrowing in on five finalists.

We invite you to read those finalist essays below and, after reading, vote on your favorite. We judged the essays based on four main criteria: grammatical correctness, clarity of thought, conciseness and creativity. Feel free to come up with your own criteria if you want.

Special thanks to all of the brilliant students who submitted entries. Wading through this rich talent pool was both pleasurable and difficult — difficult because we had to settle on just five among a host of fantastic essays.

The students who write the three highest vote-getting essays will receive first, second and third place cash prizes of $300, $200 and $100, respectively. The first-place winner will be featured in a full-page photo essay, with a photographer and VFP reporter covering the big day from preparation to prom night.

All five finalists will have their prom sendoffs photographed and will receive free digital access to those photos, some of which will be featured both online and in the May print issue of the Village Free Press.

The essays have been published without the names of their authors in order to preserve the integrity of the contest. Vote for each essay on the merits!

Readers have until 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 27 to vote for their favorite essay.

Another special thanks to the Bellwood, Broadview and Maywood Chambers of Commerce for their generous donations. Students were told to write their essay based on the following prompt:

“Describe how attending prom is a highly anticipated milestone that will prepare you for the next chapter of your life?”

My Purpose-Filled Prom Essays

Finalist 1

Attending prom has been something I’ve always looked forward to since I was 7 years old. No one told me of all the obstacles and also the awesome experiences I was going to go through before prom. Prom is the first milestone before graduation and college. I’ve never been more happy and proud of myself to be here, 2 weeks before prom.

Coming into high school, mostly to a school like Proviso Math and Science Academy was a privilege. This school challenged me to my full potential. Also I realized how much I like volunteering, at food pantries, school, my community church, and I am also looking forward to volunteering at a hospital. These 4 years have gone by so fast, and I’m excited for prom. I’ve learned how to be more responsible with my money. I currently work 2-3 days a week at Marshalls. It gives me enough money for my personal expenses, so I had to save from that and cut my expenses to buy a dress, shoes, and accessories. I personally didn’t want any help from m y parents because I feel like prom is more of a luxury and it’s not mandatory that a student has to attend.

Now two weeks from prom, I have just about everything ready, only a few details are needed. I know for a fact that prom night will be an unforgettable one. This is about the last time, our class will spend time together before we all go on our own ways to college.

Prom is such a beautiful milestone and my parents are so proud I came all this way. My parents weren’t sure I would be born a healthy baby. They got the scare of their life when they realized my mom had to give birth in the car, with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. Prom is a milestone for my parents as well, and they are anxious to send me off to prom.

Prom is the beginning of a more independent me. I start making life choices, like chosing a college and career, and eventually I would like to own a house and start a family.

Prom is the beginning of a new beginning and many more challenges and good experiences, not only for me but also for my classmates.

Finalist 2

It was a clear, sunny day in May in the sixth grade. Marisol, my bestest friend, and I were hanging out in recess with a bunch of girls talking about prom. “Well, MY sister got promposed to by her boyfriend who got the cheerleaders at the football game spell out ‘PROM’ and got her a dozen roses!” said Nicole.

I’m sooo jealous of Nicol’es sister, I’ve always wanted a huge promposal by a boy. I didn’t know much about prom, yet I knew that I wanted to go to prom with someone who means the world to me. I turned to Marisol and asked her “Hey, I’m kind of ugly, and so are you but you mean so much to me, will you go to prom with me? At first Marisol took my promposal as a joke, but I couldn’t have been more serious. After working out the logistics of my idea and shutting down her assumption that I may have a crush on her, she saw my good intention and said yes. Marisol and I have been inseparable since the second grade, so for some reason I’m certain we’d still be together through high school, surprisingly, we did! Going to prom, but more specifically, going to prom with Marisol has been a lifetime goal of mine at this point. Going together seems to be like the seal of approval on our lifelong friendship and it’ll be like a renewal of our friendship vow! I will be promposing to her soon and I will need to buy and print a lot of photography of us together, I plan on making a giant poster collage with Marisol and pop that question!

That money would really help me take the poster collage to the next level! I want to make it so big, i’ll need the help of more than 3 people. I am not worried about not having enough photographs to cover it in; I have photos of Marisol and I saved since the second grade from my old Nokia all the way to photographs taken yesterday! I’ve been saving them on a Dropbox account I made just for her, for there are way too many photographs and I couldn’t bear to lose them! Although Marisol and I have boyfriends of our own, we had even sworn that we’d still go to prom together, regardless of our relationship status. I am positive that Marisol will be expecting her promposal soon; we’re both already bought our tickets and we’re raring to go!

Finalist 3

Prom is an American tradition that has been going on for over 200 years. It is a special event many plan for years before attending. To me, attending prom is a privilege and I feel blessed having the opportunity to attend this school year. I will be the first person in my family to ever attend prom. Unfortunately, my older brother could not attned prom during his high school career due to the lack of funds. Prom is a once in a lifetime experience that resembles an ending, as well as the start of something new. It is the end of my high school career and the beginning of my college career. It is a celebration of all of the hard work I have done that has allowed me to accomplish goals I never dreamed of. I would have never imagined to receive a full tuition leadership scholarship to attend Oberlin College in Ohio through the POSSE Foundation. Thus far, this is my greatest accomplishment and I feel blessed knowing I will be greatly helping my family with the financial burden of attending college. Prom is a chance to have fun with loved ones including friends, teachers, mentors, and counselors. As an extrovert, I already know I will love and appreciate every moment of prom because I enjoy socializing and spending time with people, especially loved ones. Furthermore, prom also resembles a new beginning in which I get a short break from life’s busy priorities to let loose and enjoy myself. Prom teaches me that with great sacrifices, reward eventually follows. I am often stressed and constantly worry about my future because I am afraid of disappointing. However, due to this restlessness over time I have learned to prioritize and manage time with ease. Even now, as I am writing this essay I feel happy knowing that I am being productive. After prom, I will then start over and do it all again in college, and then, fingers crossed, repeat in medical school. Prom will be a night to remember for the rest of my life filled with lots of laughter and love.

Finalist 4

When I was a sophomore at PMSA I took part in a play called “Promedy” and by writing this, I can finally come to the realization that one of the character’s words could not be more true in relation to the magnitude of prom. One of the main character’s whose name was Beatrix stated that prom is the “quintessential teenage experience.” In my humble opinion I truly believe that Beatrix was onto something because though prom may seem like just another dance that everyone goes to, I would challenge people with that mindset to take a step inwards because they are on the outside looking in. Prom is the culmination of a class of students, the relationships students have built with one another, and honestly after taxing years of hard work as a high schooler packed all into one night. Disregard all the homecomings and formals dances that happened leading up to the point because prom is the grand finale of them all. While I am sure seniors could encapsulate the hardships and sacrifices made in high school as only an adolescent, prom is a stepping stone for students whom directly after graduation will be preparing themselves for the turbulence of the adult world and are very likely to endure more hardships as well as face more sacrifices whether it be by going to college or joining the workforce. Prom is one of the finals moments for a senior to be a senior, ruminate on their time as a high schooler and truly cherish the high school aura that was presented to them. If there were any underclassmen who already thought they had their minds made up about not attending prom then I would do everything in my power to persuade them to choose otherwise and let them know they are doing a disservice to themselves. No one should have to be deprived of a legitimate time to have fun and that is what prom is all about. Once again I must reiterate that prom is not just a dance but rather a piece of the “senior significance puzzle” that goes right alongside a senior’s “first” day of high school, college acceptance letters and getting your diploma at graduation. I believe everyone is perpetually writing their personal book of life so why not use prom as a way to end a chapter on a high note and then proceed to fully prepare ourselves for the transition into a new chapter of our lives.

Finalist 5

Prom is defined as a formal dance, especially one held by a class in high school or college at the end of a year; to me prom is more than a gathering with several students on who has the best dance moves. You may question yourself why I say prom is more than dressing up in your best attire and showing off your dance skills! I’ll explain because prom has prepared me for the next chapter in my life and it will prepare anyone attending prom in their anticipated milestones. Time management, budgeting, responsibility, and communication skills are just a few things I have grasped toward this journey into a new chapter. I have also learned to be compliant to rules and regulations as it is important when dealing with staff or professional business in life. This milestone I speak so highly of also teaches you respect, and how to socialize in this Information Age of society.

As any important event, there are deadlines that you have to meet in order to be prepared. My time was used effectively and productive as I knew that nothing in life waits for you. As a dedicated student and an athlete attending prom, prioritizing my time was a key factor in order to be prepared in this milestone. Budgeting and communication skills was a huge responsibility that I’ve learned while preparing myself for this event. Money could not be wasted as I am also preparing for college, graduation, and school cost. I had to be responsible enough to make sure no payments were wasted, all payments were counted for, and all were necessities. I used my communication skills in order to interact with students, staff, and other administration to help prepare with paperwork that was required in order to attend this event. Though this watershed is only talked about to some as a pleasant masquerade filled with exhilaration and laughter; it has taught me that life hands you situations and no matter how they’re presented each one teaches you how to prepare yourself for the next phenomenon and how to become successful in your endeavors. All in all, I agree attending my senior high school prom is a highly anticipated milestone that has prepared me for the next chapter of my life. VFP

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