Breaking: Victim of Tuesday’s Drive-By in Maywood Dies, Identified as Ryan Jones

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.08.06 PM.pngTuesday,  May 2, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

A drive-by shooting that happened in broad daylight Tuesday afternoon in Maywood has left one man dead.

The shooting happened on the 400 block of South 21st Ave. at around 1 p.m., police said. The victim, 23-year-old Ryan Jones, (pictured), was pronounced dead after being rushed to Loyola University Medical Center.

According to Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley, this marks the village’s sixth homicide this year. Just last Thursday, a 53-year-old Lyft driver was murdered during a shooting that happened at the corner of Oak Street and 14th Avenue.

So far, there’s been no information made available on any suspect or the make and model of the offending vehicle carrying Jones’ killer.

This case is currently under investigation by Maywood police. More as this story develops. VFP

Above photo: Ryan Jones/Facebook

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8 thoughts on “Breaking: Victim of Tuesday’s Drive-By in Maywood Dies, Identified as Ryan Jones

  1. I hope and pray that the victim’s killer be brought to justice. I’m shocked that the village of Maywood has recorded it’s 6th homicide this year. I am hoping that the Maywood police chief can hold a town hall meeting and talk to the residents of Maywood on how to handle the gun violence epidemic, before it gets even worse.

      1. CHEVEY: Thank you. But, also…the mayor of Maywood, Edwenna Perkins should also have a town hall meeting with the residents of Maywood to discuss how they can handle the gun violence epidemic. It doesn’t make any sense that the village recorded it’s sixth homicide this year. The mayor, the Maywood police chief, the pastors from all churches, and community leaders/activists need to collaborate on a town hall meeting to really discuss this issue.

  2. This really hurt when you have a good honorable young man die to gun violence. Ryan was a young man trying to live right, married to his sweetheart high school girlfriend, born a lovely child, attended college on scholarship for football, wife and him honor roll students, working a job, mentoring and coaching little kids, a positive influence to our community and raised by a lovely family. We are sadden deeply by this violent crime, Ryan is what most parents want out a there kid. This kid was beloved by a world of people, who played a large part in his life. Ryan was a humble guy who will give his shirt of his back to you, this is hard for our community to loose someone like this to gun violence. Ryan leaves a lovely wife an daughter to carry on his humble love to us. I will always appreciate a young man that took this approach in life. God provided us a angel for 23yrs, which the community benefit in many ways. You will be missed Ryan! Love you!

  3. GOD help us all everyone. While I didn’t know Ryan personally, I do know his father and my heart goes out to you Gene and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers, and I want you to know that God is with you and be strong.

  4. The responses are greatly appreciated by the family of Mr Ryan.But people, it just doesn’t stop there with the meetings and promises to elaborate on the issues concerning the conditions within the community.It’s True,you must start somewhere and the somewhere should start off with acknowledging the GOD of heaven on earth first without hesitation.This is not a new call to order but a familiar call because of disorder going without action in faith.By producing familiar answers and unfamiliar solutions only numbs the mind instead of first changing the thinking.Lets’ start this off the right way as it was instructed by the Word of God.Fathers and Mothers, you were Divinely commanded to teach your children for this is right in the ways of God and they want depart from it.They will have challenges in life as we all often do and they will also have a way of knowing the right and the wrong direction to take.The Truth is, we must do less talking about problems and start fulfilling the many requirements of teaching by examples that was giving by Almighty God in His unchanging wisdom.My fellow life loving believers,stop asking why?and start answering as one in agreement as a whole.We can do that and much morer.See! We are going to do this just like We were instructed to do as a people of like beliefs and values.Finally, the same thing that happened there can happen again anywhere when the people sit and watch things happen with an excuse and refuses to make better decisions to prevent the same thing from happening again without an excuse.Stay up and go with God much love

    1. WILLIE JOHNSON JR: I definitely agree with what you typed. But, it is going to take the village of Maywood to really make a huge difference in taking back their communities. It is up to pastors from all churches to get out of their churches and mentor these youths. Maywood really need enrichment programs and activities in the park district and recreation centers to keep them off the streets. They also need positive male role models to give them guidance. And, fathers need to really be pro-active in their children’s lives.

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