New Tequila Lounge Opens in Melrose Park

Tequila establishment Melrose Park

A crowd of patrons attend the April 28 opening of La Tequileria, a new tequila lounge in Melrose Park. Below, Javier Aceves, General Contractor, David Suarez, Executive Manager (Co-Owner), Sergio Suarez and Mary Suarez, Owners, Ronald Serpico, Mayor of Melrose Park, Elliot Acosta, Manager. | Photos provided

Tequila establishment Melrose Park IIMonday, May 8, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews

A new tequila lounge called La Tequileria opened in Melrose Park late last month. A formal grand opening was held on April 28 at the establishment, 2118 W. Lake Street.

The lounge’s owner, David Suarez, stated in a press release for the opening that his family, which owns nearby Los Comales, 2110 West Lake Street, was motivated to open the store because they “recognized the need for a sophisticated addition to the restaurant and bar scene in the western suburbs.”

“My family’s roots are in Jalisco [home of Tequila]. Serving premium tequila is a way for us to honor our roots and to introduce new generations of people and backgrounds to high quality tequila and to create an appreciation its process and many variations,” he stated.

In order to be classified as tequila, a drink has to have been made from blue agave plants that are grown mainly in Jalisco.

To be considered “tequila” the drink must be made from blue agave plants grown mostly in Jalisco.

In addition to tequila, La Tequileria also sells craft draft beer from breweries like Three Floyds, 5 Rabbits and Lagunitas, among other beers and spirits.

According to the May 3 release, patrons may also “try a flight – or sampling – of tequila or decide from a plethora of unique cocktails developed by Head Mixologist and Manager Elliot Acosta.”

“La Tequileria offers a limited gourmet food menu of small plates, but the true focus is the drink menu. Additionally, the lounge will have live music with a couple gaming machines in a separate room.”

La Tequileria is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. The exterior of the building will undergo facade improvements this summer. For more information, visit VFP

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