Breaking: Body of Cameron Sanders Recovered from Des Plaines River

Cameron SandersThursday, May 18, 2017 || By Bob Uphues for Wednesday Journal || @maywoodnews

Emergency personnel recovered the body of a 16-year-old Villa Park boy from the Des Plaines River on May 18, about 150 yards from the railroad bridge where witnesses said he entered the water.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Police are continuing their investigation into the death of Cameron Sanders, who on May 13 reportedly jumped from the “Rainbow Bridge,” a Canadian National Railway bridge that spans the river just south of North Avenue in Thatcher Woods in Melrose Park. His body was recovered from the river at about 10:25 a.m. on Thursday.

According to published reports, Sanders and several other teenagers were hanging out near the bridge and that two others had also jumped into the river at the same time. Sanders was the only teen who did not exit the water safely.

In the wake of the May 13 incident, Sheriff Tom Dart has demanded that the Canadian National Railway secure the bridge, which is not marked by signs and is not fenced off from the surrounding forested area. VFP

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One thought on “Breaking: Body of Cameron Sanders Recovered from Des Plaines River

  1. This is a tragedy that was just waiting to happen, and surprising that it didn’t happen sooner.
    Not to go off on too much of a tangent, but if anything good could come from this it would be to have Canadian National give up this line and convert the unused rails to a bike or hiking trail and as part of that change rebuild the bridge to replicate the one that crosses the river between the DesPlaines Blue Line terminal and Maybrook Square; fencing keeps anyone/everyone from being able to do the same thing on that bridge that these boys did on Rainbow Bridge, which killed Cameron.
    The CN tracks are connected south of Madison Street to tracks owned by CSX, and those tracks run along the Eisenhower Expressway from Desplaines to Central Avenue. The ONLY user of those tracks is Ferrara Pan Candy, which doesn’t use the CN tracks for rail deliveries of its supplies.
    The tracks from Madison through River Forest then into the Thatcher Woods Forest Preserve could be made into a trail extending to Triton College. The bridge replacing the Rainbow Bridge could be named in Cameron Sanders’ honor.

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