Fraternity to Flood Maywood Streets During June 24 ‘March for Peace’

Alphas in Streets II

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity walk through the streets of Chicago in March. | Andre Jamar/Andre Jamar Photography

Friday, June 9, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

In November 2015, nearly 300 men walked through snow and rain in Chicago to send a message that they wouldn’t take the violence plaguing the city sitting down.

Most of the men were members of Alpha Phi Alpha, the oldest black intercollegiate Greek fraternity in the country.

“We wanted to show that the community was not giving up,” said Illinois state Rep. Elgie Sims during the march.

“We wanted the business owners to know that we stood with them and we were going to be there making a statement, standing with them, to encourage patrons to patronize those businesses, to encourage people to feel comfortable and safe in their community,” he said.

And in March of this year, the Alpha men marched again through Chicago again in order “to champion our communities and continue to advocate for the worth, wealth, and resources that are available within,” according to a statement by the fraternity.

Alphas in streets

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity during an anti-violence walk in Chicago in March. | Andre Jamar/Andre Jamar Photography

On Saturday, June 24, the Alphas will take to the streets of Maywood for the same reasons they’ve been marching in Chicago. State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch (7th), who is a member of the fraternity, is hosting the event.

The walk will start at 10 a.m., on the corner of 22nd Ave and St. Charles Rd., and finish at 500 Oak St. (behind the police station). Both locations are in Maywood.

“This year Maywood has seen an increase of violence,” said Welch. “This march will send a message to those who commit violent acts that our community will stand up to them to ensure the safety of our friends and neighbors. Join me, other elected officials, community leaders and concerned citizens to show our desire for a violence free community.”

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3 thoughts on “Fraternity to Flood Maywood Streets During June 24 ‘March for Peace’

  1. I am very surprise that IL State Representative Welch is doing this, and he couldn’t do this months ago, before the village of Maywood recorded it’s first through sixth homicide this year. It is very too late! I did see his Facebook Live with IL State Representative LaShawn Ford and he had Maywood Police Chief Talley on there. This is very political to boost his resume up!

    Question to Maywood Police Chief Talley: What are you really doing to help this gun violence homicide hitting the residents of Maywood? I do recall reading some articles about you that the police department has a lack of trust of your leadership. That leads to my next question to Mayor Edwenna Perkins? Why are you not putting some fire in Talley to handle the gun violence, and increase trust and accountability with the police department? Think about it.

  2. I’m lost for words, why would the police be involved with the stop the violence march. The police job is to stop the violence. I can appreciate the march, but the key is in the people hands political. The people need jobs and fair chance educational so they can compete with others. The people who is committing crime are the ones who is just getting out of jail an who has family gang ties. The people in the community is using inventive ways to compensate they way of getting paid, by selling drugs an renting kids. Once you live near a town who has been busted for selling body parts and stealing guns off railroad trains why wouldn’t crime go up. The parents are scared of there kids, and support the wrong doing of the kids. The police have to win back over the people in the community, by reducing lawsuits. The answers is in our hands.

    1. COMMUNITY ACTIVIST: I totally agree with what you wrote. I have been posting on this website for so many times that the residents of Maywood should attend these town hall meetings, and holding the officials accountable. Also, residents need to stop complaining or being on social media, and roll up their sleeves to clean up and get involved. That is the only way that the village of Maywood is going to be moving forward. It takes a commUNITY!

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