LETTERS: ComEd Needs to Respect Private Property Regardless of Where Its At

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A tree outside of John Yi’s Maywood home. Yi said that the tree was “mutilated” by ComEd and Lewis Tree Removal. | Submitted photo

Thursday, June 15, 2017 || LETTER TO THE EDITOR || @maywoodnews

ComEd and Lewis Tree Removal of New York say that a tree needs to be 10 feet clear of wires, so they proceeded to “trim” the beautiful tree outside of our home. Take a look at that photo. Does that look like 10 feet or 3 feet? Why didn’t they just remove the tree altogether?

ComEd also informed me that I must now pay a tree removal company to cut down the tree they just mutilated!

My question to ComEd is this: Would you treat private property this way if Maywood were instead Oak Park or River Forest? My hunch is no. But because I live in a socio-economically depressed community that is 95 percent minority, ComEd feels no hesitation when it comes to disrespecting private property.

ComEd claims that it treats every neighborhood and community the same, but I have a hard time believing that they would do this to my tree if it were planted in Lake Forest or River Forest.

Some of us in Maywood are working really hard to bring good to this town and the bad guys keeping us from doing this aren’t always the ones that make the evening news. I would love to see ComEd change their ways in this regard. Respect private property regardless of what community it’s in!

— John Yi, Maywood resident

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2 thoughts on “LETTERS: ComEd Needs to Respect Private Property Regardless of Where Its At

  1. As an update. While ComEd and their supervisory rep, Maureen, were of no help, I was able to get a hold of the crew foreman of Lewis Tree Removal of NY, and he was kind enough to at least come back to the scene and abate the ugly eyesore that his crew had left behind two days ago. Although I’m left without a beautiful tree, it’s certainly an improvement over the disfigured mess you see in the picture above.

    Thanks to Jose Mancera for your excellent customer relations demeanor and for doing what you could do to make it as right as you could.

    Thanks also to Michael Romain and the Village Free Press for bringing ComEd’s behavior to our Village’s attention.

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