Village Free Press Launches Monthly Publication for Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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The masthead for The Village Free Press Plus, a specialty publication exclusively for business owners and entrepreneurs in Proviso Township. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

This week, the Village Free Press launched a monthly specialty digital publication called The Village Free Press Plus that’s designed exclusively to suit the information needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Proviso Township area.

The content in this publication won’t be published on the main website; instead, readers will have to opt-in by sending us their name, email address and local affiliation (the main employer or entity one owns or represents).

The first issue (which you can access here) takes the form of a one-page, newsletter-style briefing that largely highlights the content of our Small Business Resource Reception, a new event series we launched last month.

This month’s issue also introduces readers to a new monthly award we’re debuting that’s designed to highlight a high-performing small business in the area.

In the future, we hope to grow this publication to encompass more than just a page. Eventually, we want to be the go-to source where businesses and entrepreneurs can go to get vital information that may drive up profits and allow them to do even more good in their communities.

For the month of July, we partnered with the Maywood and Bellwood Chambers of Commerce, whose members (along with elected officials and staff members of those towns) are currently in the process of nominating the small businesses they feel are most deserving. (If you fit that above criteria, feel free to complete a nomination form here).

The three businesses that receive the most nominations from chamber members and village officials/employees in this first phase will then go on to an open round of voting, during which readers will be able to vote for the small business of their choosing here on our website through an online survey. The public voting period will be from July 12 until July 17.

The winner of the award will be announced at our July 19 small business reception to be held at Cintas Uniform Services (see flyer below). You can read about what the award winner receives in the July issue of Village Free Press Plus. Business reception Detailed Flyer_JulyThis monthly publication will be designed to consolidate the information that’s generated at our monthly business receptions and to promote dialogue among local movers and shakers.

In that vein, our Business of the Month award is more than just a tool for recognizing often overlooked small businesses that are operating at a high level in our community; it’s also a tool to promote accountability and quality service.

Although we partnered with the Maywood and Bellwood chambers this month, our plan is to open up this award to small businesses in Broadview, Melrose Park and Stone Park in subsequent months (we want to establish close, working relationships with business leadership, namely in the form of chambers, in those communities before moving in).

We believe that those who know the businesses in a community best are those who also do business, live and/or work in that community. To that end, we’ll eventually open the first-phase nomination process up to community leaders, influential residents and business owners who aren’t members of a chamber or employees of a municipality.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, or if you just want the information contained in The Village Free Press Plus, send an email to that includes your name, email address and affiliation. That will be also enough to keep you updated about our monthly events and other offerings. VFPBusiness reception Detailed Flyer_July

One thought on “Village Free Press Launches Monthly Publication for Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  1. I think this is an outstanding idea, Michael! I know that they are some good small businesses in the village of Maywood and Bellwood that is profiting in helping their community. I believe it is a stepping stone to uplift the communities.

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