Sun-Times: Ex-Melrose Park Cop Caught Selling Drugs Bragged About His Crimes

Greg SalviFriday, July 14, 2017 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews

According to a July 13 Chicago Tribune article, Gregory Salvi, a former Melrose Park police officer who admitted to selling drugs that were stolen from his department’s evidence room, could serve more than 10 years in prison.

“But with his sentencing hearing approaching later this month, the feds say they also caught Salvi bragging about stealing power tools from the department, and about helping a drug trafficker’s associate walk away from a drug deal without paying,” the Sun-Times reports.

“Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Otlewski made the allegations in a memo this week that asks U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve to put Salvi away for 14 years.”

The Sun-Times reports that Otlewski said that “Salvi bragged about selling drugs stolen from the police department before. And he alleged Salvi told a federal informant he conducted a fake arrest to help the associate of a marijuana trafficker get out of a drug deal without paying.”

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3 thoughts on “Sun-Times: Ex-Melrose Park Cop Caught Selling Drugs Bragged About His Crimes

  1. Wow! I never knew that it was pure corruption in the Melrose Park police department. I am glad that former Officer Greg Salvi is going to do some serious hard time in prison. It is very disturbing that greed is the root of evil and cancer. I hope that there will be some serious reform in the police department.

  2. corruption is in every town, especially in the one we live in. when you have the village settlements that include death lawsuits settlements concerning police officers…one for $200,000 another $150,000 this should raise eyebrows.(villagefreepress)When you have your top cop officers violate a person civil rights by placing a citizen under arrest for taking a picture of the police station, and lower officers violate citizens rights by shooting citizens dog by way of forcing they way into a residence to beating citizens, that’s corruption.(villagefreepress) When you swearing in two new officers at Wednesday board meeting, and Wednesday to the end of the week several citizens get shot and it don’t get published in your local paper..that’s call spiritual conformation. When your school district 209 over pay for construction work on the school, but the citizens become liable, by increasing property taxes for lawsuite . When your kid attend the grade school district and the police is called to the school for a discipline problem, an later the discipline problem becomes a criminal case…that’s killing the kids before they have a chance. WHEN the town holds a town hall meeting and politicians give you hope thru a speech. This is bragging to the citizens, through corruption….and the citizens pays the bills.

    1. RANDY: I agree with what your typing. When I was attending the mayoral candidate at the Maywood Public Library this year, someone asked the candidates about police accountability and reforming in the Maywood police department, and I still wasn’t getting no answers from the candidates. It is also that residents need to attend the town hall meetings and demand what Mayor Perkins, Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr., and Police Chief Talley accountable and know what are you doing about this.

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