Sun-Times’ Mary Mitchell Profiles 106-year-old ‘Regal’ Maywood Woman

Thursday, August 10, 2017 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews

According to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, Susie Lewis, 106, of Maywood, almost looks too good to be true.

When Mitchell, a former Maywood resident herself, visited the Maywood home where Lewis has lived for half a century, the columnist encountered a woman whose face “is virtually untouched by the two scourges of time: wrinkles and sag” and who “has the peaceful look of a contented child.”

“In her living room,” Mitchell writes, “a lifetime of family photos fills the tops of accent tables. Nestled among pictures of her daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, is a framed photo of the former first family.”

The mementos are the key to Lewis’s success, if you ask the radiant centenarian. Why does Lewis think she’s lived for so long? Read Mitchell’s full Sun-Times column (here) to find out. VFP

Feature photo: Susie Lewis in her Maywood home. | Photo provided to the Sun-Times

3 thoughts on “Sun-Times’ Mary Mitchell Profiles 106-year-old ‘Regal’ Maywood Woman

  1. How lovely, I bet she can remember when Maywood residence use to leave their doors unlock at night. The Mam is beautiful, wish I make it to her age an still look as great as her, I know the ancestors feel good about the love one.

  2. She look amazing! We can only wish to live as long as her to embrace the ongoing changes in society.
    Be blessed Ms. Susie Lewis

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