Maywood to Restrict Bikes

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Photo: Getty Images

At a regular meeting on Aug. 15, the Maywood Board of Trustees will likely approve a code amendment that prohibits anyone over the age of 12 from riding bicycles, hover boards, skateboards and other wheeled devices on sidewalks in the village’s downtown area, which is considered the stretch of 5th Ave., from Quincy to Lake. Wheelchairs will be exempted from the new ordinance.

At an Aug. 9 Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting where the proposed amendment was discussed, the village board unanimously voted to pass the measure to a regular meeting for final approval.

Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley said that he had a run-in with a person riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

“I stopped the guy,” he said. “They were riding down to [Lake Liquor] and they don’t pay attention. With the installation of our train station and the commuter traffic, by having people on the sidewalks it only causes a lot of difficulties.”

Talley said that his officers will try to motivate people to ride their bicycles on the Prairie Path. As part of the code amendment, village staff is required to post signs in the prohibited area that notify the public of the restrictions.

“As we try to grow our downtown, pedestrian traffic will be safe and [pedestrians] will be able to walk without being molested by bicycles,” Talley said. VFPBusiness reception Detailed Flyer_August


6 thoughts on “Maywood to Restrict Bikes

  1. Bicycles, first? Okay, that is a start. Maybe next steps will be the public loitering, drinking and prostitution? The families bringing their kids to Maywood Fine Arts would surely feel safer with these next steps.

  2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree, I have a car, but i use my bicycle around town to run my errands. This is an ignorant move on behalf of the village, being that Chicago’s goal is to be the most bicycle friendly city in the country. Every one in the world is moving to be more environment friendly and what does maywood do? Goes against the grain. That only shows how disconnected we are from the rest of the world. Melrose Park has been working to creat bicycle way in parts were it’s hard to get around and they encourage bicycles around 19th Ave to ease traffic in the area. How does maywood look among all other villages. In my opinion, very close minded.

    1. Sorry, Sisco. Chicago among many other towns has an ordinance saying that no one over 12 can ride a bike, skateboard, etc. on the sidewalks; and Chicago has been named by one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.
      Oak Park commissioned the creation of “less stress’ bike routes throughout the Village, while creating bike paths on some of the major streets. (Don’t get me started though on Oak Park’s million $ plan for walled-off bike lanes on Madison.)
      Maybe Maywood could use some of the remaining TIF money to mark bike paths on St. Charles, 5th Ave., Madison, and other areas. Lake Street would be difficult because it is a State highway.

      1. Chicago does have those ordinances, but they have created bicycle lanes to accommodate cyclist, what is Maywood offering? On Lake at and 5th Ave, during the hours of 2pm and 5pm it’s life threatening to cycle on the street. The streets are very congested and the only alternative is the side walk. To add, I ride from the north side of Maywood, and there is only two cross walks one on 1st and the other on 5th, how am I to get to the post office with out going through “down town” Maywood? In my opinion, thing were not thought through. I think all they wanted was to discourage people going to lake liquors for their drinks. Bicycle lanes would be nice.

  3. Yeah, this will prove to be about as effective as the saggy pants law. I’ve seen so many butts in Maywood covered in underwear with “skid marks” it’s truly pathetic. And, like every Village ordinance I’ve seen, it will go unenforced and forgotten.

  4. People do you all realize how many lawsuits settlements the village has, and we worry about skate boarding. How juvenile, 5th ave is not a downtown area. If thats the case, we have a lot of shootings in our downtown area. People done got shot in our downtown famous eating joint punkins, no comparison to the steak house in other towns downtown eatery. Talk about solving some crime an building us a grocery store in the downtown area. Stop with this foolishness!

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