Maywood Mayor Says ComEd Imposters Tried Scamming Her — ‘Don’t Let it Happen to You’

Thursday, September 21, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

“It happened to me, don’t let it happen to you,” said Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins during a Sept. 5 regular board meeting.

Perkins said that she’d recently received a call “from an organization saying they could cut my ComEd bill by 50 percent.”

“I said, ‘Oh yes,”” Perkins recalled, before noting that she caught on to the alleged imposter not long into the conversation.

“But the young man, who had a very big accent, kept talking and then he went on to say, ‘I’m giving you this number in case there’s a problem and you can call them,’” Perkins said. “I said, ‘Are you with ComEd?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah!’ But when he said that, I hung up.”

Cory Foster, ComEd’s external affairs manager, said during the meeting that the electric utility doesn’t solicit by phone or by knocking on doors.

“Whenever in doubt, our advice is to call our toll-free number,” said Foster, who Perkins had called after the incident happened.

According to a statement on ComEd’s website, the utility explained that it’s experienced an uptick in reports of people calling ComEd customers as part of a range of scams, particularly one claiming that customers’ “electric service will be disconnected unless payment is made.”

“These impersonators instruct customers to buy a prepaid credit card and call back to a different phone number with the personal identification number (PIN) or other personal information,” the statement reads. “They also use a tactic called ‘spoofing’ to manipulate the Caller ID displayed phone number so that it appears as a ComEd number.”

ComEd recommends that customers who have detected imposters and scams to contact the company immediately.

Foster said that ComEd does offer a range of energy efficiency services and rebates, such as discounts on LED lighting and a recycling program for refrigerators.

Anyone who has experienced scams or imposters, or who wants more information into ComEd’s services should call 1-800-EDISON-1. You can also visit the company’s website by clicking hereVFP

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3 thoughts on “Maywood Mayor Says ComEd Imposters Tried Scamming Her — ‘Don’t Let it Happen to You’

  1. I was almost scammed twice; first with comed imposters, then with phony irs agents, however, I didn’t fall for them: I almost did with the IRS scam, but then I realized that it was a scam and didn’t go for it.

  2. Thank you Mayor for this information, i will pass it on to as many as possible. See you at the polls God willing.

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